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close call

Hi Everyone.

Im back again. I have had what I hope is a close call, and just want to check in and get some ideas on what I should do next.
Up tilI now I have been managing constipation with molaxole sachets on average 2 a day. I have just had a major issue - I assume a partial obstruction- air and water getting through but little else. X rays showed the issue, and then showed it getting worse. It took 2x 3day molaxole impaction protocol, 8 fleet enemas and 4 doses of picoprep and a lot of pain and nausea and not eating to get to where I am now.
Still in quite a bit of pain, but I would be fine for a colonoscopy if you know what I mean.
Locum dr initially thought he felt the issue starting at the sigmoid colon. The dr at A and E prescribed the picoprep, but could not authorise a ct because it was not a complete obstruction on x ray/vomiting etc. He suggested multiple times that I need to get a scan as something is not right. I had a colonoscopy last year which was normal.

I will go to the clinic tonight to ask for a x ray referral for next week to check where things are at, and a blood test for tomorrow for CRP.

For anything else will need to contact my gastroenterologist and gyne and get them to figure out a plan as this is not...sustainable. What sort of scans are used to figure out of there is inflammation or stricture or narrowing in the bowel? I had a normal CT last year too.

Also terrified of eating again.

There are so many things I would rather be doing than this:(

my little penguin

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Normally they would do a MRE (mri with entography) meaning you drink barium to cost the intestine then they give you glycogen and gallulidium by iv during the mri to stop the interesting from moving
A regular ct scan doesn’t show much
You need a CTE which is ct scan with entography but lots of radiation so they tend to use MRE instead
MRE is better with soft tissue imaging
Ct for bony images.
The MRE with barium found my fistula once when nothing else did. Had to lick a saltine cracker to not throw up that chalky stuff. It's hard when you are scared to eat but so hungry. My go to is Lipton chicken noodle soup in a box. Tiny thin noodles and only chicken broth you can sip it the noodles are so small. Finding the one go to food can bring some relief. Saying prayers for your answer.
Thankyou for your replies. I have managed to get a phone appointment with my gastroenterologist for tomorrow. My GP arranged for some bloodtests - normal CRP but Raised liver enzymes - not really high, but enough to explain why I still feel yuck.

Will see what the Gastro says tomorrow.