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Coccyx Pain + Blood in Stool

Apologies for the graphic title, I just thought I might as well be up front as possible. About a week ago I started having pain just to the left of my coccyx, which varied from moderate to mild and seemed to be deep tissue pain (i.e. not bone). Now tonight I'm having a moderate amount of frank blood in my stool, for the first time in two years and the worst it's ever been. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm going to call my GE in the morning, but trying to figure out what it might be. The pain and the bleeding might be unrelated, but it seems a bit suspicious . . . maybe internal hemmorhoids?
Hi Dober,
I am sorry to hear about your pain. Are you having any fevers? It just makes me wonder if you might have a fistula at work. Do you ever have pain rectally?

Glad you are checking with your GE. Good luck, I hope it is something dealt with quickly.
Grr. Apparently his office is closed today.

No fevers, and I don't usually have rectal pain, but it's been achy during BMs the last couple days. I don't get constipated, it's the opposite for me.

Do fistulas usually bleed like this? I've never had one, to my knowledge.
I had an abdominal fistula that was surgically removed. It would spew small bowel contents onto my stomach, but it never bled. An anal fissure can cause a significant amount of bleeding, and can be painful. I have one that will bleed quite heavily at times.

It could also be further up in the body. Once I was bleeding so heavy that I became dizzy and my wife had to take me to the hospital. The doc put me under and injected the side that was bleeding during a colonoscopy type procedure to stop the bleeding. All though I wasnt having much pain during this episode.
The change to night shifts really fried my brain - of course his office wouldn't be open, it's Sunday (d'oh).

Fistulas scare the crap out of me, seeing how miserable they've made my mom. Anal fissures as well. Can those be inside the rectum, or do they only occur at the anal sphincter?