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I've never thought to put coconut through a juicer, but I'm sure it can be done. Just remove all of the flesh from the shell and put that through. Doesn't hurt to try!
or, you would probably get more juice if you blend the coconut in the coconut water and strain off the trash. The milk would be quite rich.
Coconut water is the water in green coconuts, this disappears as the coconut matures.

Coconut cream and coconut milk are the liquids squeezed from grated mature coconut flesh.

I would be VERY careful about putting coconut flesh through a juicer as it is likely to bust something expensive.

Coconut water is very widely available and much cheaper in bulk and large packets (a carton of 1 litre (12l) in bulk costs about the same as 24x250ml (6 litres) separately (where i am).

Each brand tends to taste different to other brands but identical to their own brands which i find suspicious (- in orange juice they use a chemical flavouring derived from oranges to maintain a uniform flavour)
I've used finely shredded coconut as an addition when putting frozen fruit through my masticating juicer (for a sorbet-like treat), but it was so fibrous that it really didn't get broken down much eat all. I eventually decided that just sprinkling some on top was just as good.
Can juicers make coconut juice? If so what's the procedure. Is it anything like making your own almond milk?
No. You need a blender.

Can you purchase Thai drinking coconuts? If so, just chop open the top and drink the water. It is exceptionally excellent for C & UC.

But you need fresh coconuts; definitely not processed & bottled coconut water.

Use the brown hairy older coconuts for making coconut milk. Scrape flesh out and blend with water, sieve. You have coconut milk. You will however need a powerful blender like a Vitamix. See YouTube.