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Coffee drinkers?

I've been reading a really good book lately about nutrition and it makes alot of sense however I'm not sure about this? It says coffee is not good at all for anyone with Chron's but it doesn't seem to bother me? I'm just wondering how many others on here can still handle coffee and for those that can't what does it do to you?
Coffee is one of the only things I definitely can't tolerate. I might as well pour it directly in the toilet for the way it passes through me haha.
That being said, everyone is different. I'd say if you can tolerate it then congratulations and enjoy :)


Love, love, love my coffee! I still drink three cups every morning and have no pain. That being said, diarrhea is not one of my CD symptoms so the coffee (along with a cap of Miralax in each cup) actually helps with my constipation.

I think coffee, like all things we ingest, it is trial and error since everyone's CD is so different.
I love coffee! It doesnt bother me! :)
Maybe its saying that because caffiene can inhibit the absorption of many vitamins and minerals, including Iron and Calcium. Us Crohnies have difficulty absorbing things anyway, are often aneamic and when on steroids dont absorb calcium as well.
I can tolerate coffee it does seem to bother me at all. but , i only have one cup of coffee a day because it keeps me up at night.
I love it and have a cup every morning it doesn't give me D but it def irritates (mild) my stomach as soon as I drink it but it's not bad enough to make me stop. Real coffee is worse for some reason. I couldn't tolerate more than 1 cup a day though


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Coffee doesn't bother me atall (except if it is black - have to have milk in it though) and never has. I've been drinking it almost as long as I have had crohn's (21 years next month).

I've migrated from drinking it with cream and sugar (a double double at Tim Horton's) to just milk and will go with decaf if I have it in the evening. Like suschex noted, it's likely one of those food items that causes difficulty for some and no issues for others.
Black coffee is fine by me...:)
Have a cup in the morning and maybe one later and it does not bother me...I am glad to say..
Ohhh how I miss it.. I lived on caramel lattes a couple of years ago! Unfortunately it does go straight through me worse than any other food and seems to king hit every part of my bowel on the way down. I tried it "one last time" with soy milk last Sunday after avoiding for months but it was just agony like the other times.. boo. And it's so hard to get delicious, caffeine-free Chai lattes in my area! They're in every cafe in Sydney.
I love really dark coffee but my stomach has been pretty sensitive lately so I've stopped drinking it. I've switched to making my own chai and have had no problems.
I don't have coffee very often, but I definitely don't feel well when I do. I think caffeine in general isn't very good for Crohn's? Not sure the science about it, but I tend to avoid it for the most part.


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There are countless variables that need to be taken into account when answering a question as seemingly simple as, "Is it ok for me to drink coffee" beyond, "Does this hurt my stomach or give me D." For example, caffeine is shown to inhibit calcium absorption and increase its excretion. Are you on Prednisone or have you been on it for long periods of time? If so, I'd avoid coffee. Are you on Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)? It is shown to interfere with the breakdown of caffeine so it stays in your system much longer. Not good. I've also read that caffeine can interfere with the absorption of zinc, copper, manganese, B vitamins, and vitamin A while reducing the number of vitamin D receptors. Not so good for Crohnies :(
I have to admit that I'm not on those. Asacol and Azathioprine are all that I'm on. Have been for 4 yrs, I've only had 1 problem with drinking coffee, tea or soda. I have an ulcer. And that's when it bothers me. I also drink water and plenty of that just to keep moist. Walking around licking your lips is a very uncomfortable thing, because most people don't know your ill and need lots of liquid. And as for vitamins I only take B12 for the being tired all the time. I've had to fight eniema all my life, other things I take is an inhaler for my asthma which I was born with. All I've got to say is I'm one messed up chick. In taking other replacements I have to be very careful in what I do. And thank you for setting me straight, I'm not always smart in the things that effect other people. I wish you and yours a very happy thanksgiving.
coffee is my comfort food. I swear it makes my heartburn better 90% of the time other 10% of the time it tries to kill me. but i love it and it's been pretty good to me. if your not a coffee drinker and you added a lot of sugar or milk or just dislike it i can't imagine that would help but if you do like coffee go for it. caffine does amazing things to our bodies.
I love coffee but am starting to wonder if it's doing me any favours. I do get pain when i'm drinking it. :( Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, I love my coffee, not much but a few cups a day.

Tea...... no probs whatsoever.
i've been a severe coffee addict for the last 9 years and have recently begun the switch to decaf so i can faze it out. i've given up just about everything else to no avail so it has to go... so sad :(

Love love my coffee, yet I do limit myself to one cup in the morning. Only one. I don't have problems physically from it. Although when I am in flare, i cant touch it.....
I've been reading a really good book lately about nutrition and it makes alot of sense however I'm not sure about this? It says coffee is not good at all for anyone with Chron's but it doesn't seem to bother me? I'm just wondering how many others on here can still handle coffee and for those that can't what does it do to you?

What is the name of the book?
I recently gave up coffee. I had headaches every day for a week or so, but now I'm fine. I haven't really noticed a difference in my symptoms.
I quit when I was flaring mostly because I didn't need to be caffeinated while lying in bed all day. But in remission at school I can't do without it. Doesn't bother my tummy more than anything else does.
I do love my coffee. I have had to give up so much other food(been on a low res diet since May) and stuff I like so no way will I give up my coffee. I dont like tea and have problems when I drink fizzy drinks but coffee is ok. I only have decaf and if I go out I allow myself 1 normal cup.Dont go out much so I think it doesnt count.
The book is from the editors of Prevention Magazine, it's called
Food and Nutrition

Big thick book but an awesome read and reference tool, highly suggest it.
Coffee?!!!! But of course! Love my coffee! I refer to it as the nectar of the gods- lol! Its all about the flavor, not the effect, for me. I've had to give up or change soooo much in the last 6 years but coffee has been my constant. The only time I can't drink it is when I'm having a flare, and that has more to do with not wanting anything at all besides lots of water. I asked my GI doctor about it several years ago, and his reply was that if it didn't bother me, have at it!
I will say to keep in mind that we are all different, our bodies react differently to food, beverages, medicines, etc. I pretty much as a rule stay away from anything that bothers my CD, at least most of the time that is- lol! That being said, enjoy it if you can!
coffee makes me have to use the loo

I used to be a coffee drinker. I no longer drink it on a regular basis because it seems to exacerbate my symptoms. Drinking it can make my stomach feel achy and increase the frequency of my poo.

I do have coffee on rare occasions - if I am feeling particularly tired or on holidays (I LOVE coffee with sugar and half-n-half). One cup on rare occassions doesn't seem to bother me.
I indulge in 1 cup of coffee with non dairy creamer on days when the 6MP is totally licking me in the exhaustion department. There were times when it actually helped my symptoms but eventually it started to make them worse sometimes. So I don't know if coffee is ok for me or not.


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I gave up caffeine unless I was eating. Then I had my colon removed, now I drink coffee like a champion. 8 or so cups a day.


OMG Jason! Doesn't it fill up your bag like crazy?

I gave up coffee for a long time but I keep coming back to it because I love it so. It's harder to give up than cigarettes!

I don't drink it everyday, though. Now I drink Mochatonix - delicious and is a good pep-me-up in the morning:


The directions say there are only 14 servings per container, but I get twice that out of one jar.

Mmmmm. Yummy.
I was a caffeine fiend for years! But the last year or so have cut down dramatically. I always have 1-2 cups in the morning and it always gets my bowel moving! I drink chai latte now and take sachets with me when visiting people.
I normally empty about 5-8 times a day. Coffee doesn't fill up my bag really. The only thing that seems to "flush" out my system is pinneapples and pinneapple juice. It's my digestive systems drain-o.
I drink between 5-8 cups of coffee a day. Sometimes more if on a power shift( 24 hours or more) or if I have no appetite. I also drink iced tea but no soda. Tried a Guiness last week and no problems. It was so good. But since I have been told my H &H if decreased so no booze for me. At least I have my coffee and smokes which allows everyone around me to live another day.:ybatty:


I have been noticing increased heartburn and pain in the right quadrant with coffees. I also get jittery. Is there a super decaf coffee or are all decaf equally decaf lol?
nope all decaf have some amount of caffeine. if you want to supper decaf run hot water over the grinds or run a pot of coffee first then brew your coffee. Caffeine is water soluable and will come up in the first. my mom has a heart condtion and does this and it helps
I've found that I've now been been able to drink decaff coffee (1-2 a day) for the past month and it hasn't been upsetting me - I've been feeling a lot better since increasing my pred and eating a lot of things I couldn't before. I'm still scared to try the real thing though in case it doesn't agree with me! I've been off caffeine for so long that I don't miss it, it's the taste and the comfort factor of having a "coffee" that I love.

O, boiling, bubbling berry, bean!
Thou consort of the kitchen queen-
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For which we long, for which we feel,
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For what is tea! It can but mean,
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So here’s a health to coffee! coffee hot!
A morning toast! Bring on another pot.


I always get too hot while drinking coffee in the Spring/Summer and would rather have a cold drink anyways so I'm trying to enjoy as many coffees as I can before that weather comes lol. And for those of you in Canada (or some parts of the US) it alternates from Timmies iced capps in the warm, to coffees in the winter
I used to be able to drink 5 cups of coffee a day. Then it went down to 2 a day. Then after my stoma op it went down to 1 every other day. Now I am lactose intollerant and having issues with caffeine in genaral its 0 cups.
I miss my coffee! It was my fuel!
For those who only drink coffee for the caffeine you should check out a healthier alternative in Raw Cacao powder. It has caffeine too, #1 source of magnesium, and antioxidants per 100g, plus other benefits. I don't have it anymore since I avoid caffeine at all costs but when I did take it, it never bothered me like coffee, plus it put me in better mood.

If anyones interested heres more info on it.
I changed to decaf just over a year ago before I was diagnosed and noticed that any time I had to take caffeine I had to dash shortly after to the loo. No I am better on decaf but there is a really good Starbucks on my college campus and I love their mocha with cream and although the decaf helps I know a visit to the loo is forthcoming....but without the rush! :) Damn you lovely Starbucks! :worthy:
Love, love, love my coffee! I still drink three cups every morning and have no pain. That being said, diarrhea is not one of my CD symptoms so the coffee (along with a cap of Miralax in each cup) actually helps with my constipation.
Hi, read your string. You are the first person with C. instead of D. that I've run into!!! I am a chubby possible Crohn with chronic constipation ( a CCC! ha) I have my 2 cups of coffee (with a cap of Miralax) daily and that seems to have done the trick along with the Align probiotics. I did not realize constipation could be a symptom of Crohns - I've been struggling with it for 10 years. Is that common? My diagnosis is still out....on Entacort 2 weeks post surgery for stricture removal.
For the last few years, I have gone through months where I would give up coffee because it bothered my stomach and caused D. The I would slowly introduce. But I gave it up and regular tea as well when I got diagnosed in Sept., because I read that caffeine could be a trigger, and already knowing how badly coffee affected me sometimes, seemed like the right thing to do. Drove me nuts when I went back to work, yawned all day, but I am used to my morning "Boost" now lol

I am now having one cup of green tea at work which contains some caffeine, and so far I am tolerating it okay.
You know a big glass of iced water or fruit smoothie in the morning is also quite the waker-upper! Very refreshing when you develop the habit. I was doing this when I thought I might have Crohns. Then I lost the DX and started back on my beloved Dunkin coffee. The DX comes and goes for Crohns at this point but I'm sticking to my coffee until I get a firm DX as it doesn't seem to bother me.... oddly I've tried some decaf teas and started getting GERD at night.


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You know a big glass of iced water or fruit smoothie in the morning is also quite the waker-upper!
Agreed. I only drink 1 cup of coffee each morning and that's my only caffeine for the day....been doing this for about 1.5 years now. Doesn't seem to affect my UC too much, but the last time I tried to quit cold turkey it was rough. I felt sooo fatigued after the third day that I started drinking it again.

I'm going to try and stop again because I know it's not good for me, especially with my acid reflux and anxiety. I cut out all soda and energy drinks over a month ago, that was tough but I don't even think about it now.

I'll probably start drinking half a cup in the morning.....then less...and less....till I'm at nothing. I'd rather exercise and drink a fruit smoothie in the morning to get my "pick me up" :thumleft:


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I cannot believe how many of you can tolerate coffee. Just straight through me!!!! gives me a 'thick' headache too if you get my meaning. Lucky you lot. enjoy one for me lol


After 6 months of avoiding coffee I caved today and got a "blonde" at Starbucks. It's supposed to be the mildest version. Hello acid reflux!
I confess I've been back on the real stuff for about a month now, just tried one when I got back to Australia and tolerated it okay, so I've been having one every 1-3 days as well as green tea but I know I should quit again. It doesn't bother my stomach much but I am worried that I'm doing damage internally even though it doesn't hurt. You never know with this damn disease!