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Coffee lover switching to tea - what's in your cup?

Hey everyone,

What teas make your feel good? What teas send you running to the bathroom?

I love coffee. I'm drinking tea now to see if my symptoms improve. I hope you know something delicious to recommend.
I love tea. More caffeine tends to send me running to the washroom so I do a lot of herbal teas. I love going to tea shops like David's tea and smelling all the teas. There is something for everyone.


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I also do a lot of herbal tea - caffeine triggers my migraines so I have to avoid it altogether. I can only do "caffeine free" teas as even "decaf" tea still has some caffeine (less than regular tea, but they can't take all the caffeine out so there is still a little in there). I really like chamomile tea and ginger tea. Both of those are very easy on my stomach. My personal favorite right now is chamomile vanilla. It's a bit creamier and more flavorful than regular chamomile. It's yummy!
I love the suggestions. I'm drinking green tea for a few weeks until I can kick the caffeine habit. I love mint and ginger, so I'm all over that.

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I drink lots of tea especially when it's cold. Mine are all either decaf or caffeine free and all of them are herbal. My favorites are peppermint or some form of mint when my stomach acts up. Otherwise, I like variations of chai. My favorite is the vanilla chai decaf tea by Stash.


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King of Orange, I don't think it's detrimental to drink a lot of ginger tea. Ginger can be really beneficial for nausea. I think if you have a lot of ginger then it can be constipating, but hot tea by itself has a bit of a laxative effect, so hopefully it all just balances out!

For those who have mentioned peppermint tea - peppermint is great but if you have GERD then you shouldn't have peppermint. I was told that it can relax the valve between the stomach & esophagus, which in turn would allow more reflux to come up. That makes me sad because I love peppermint tea, but I have severe GERD so I can't do peppermint tea anymore.
I tried switching to tea to lower my coffee intake, but come to find out tea affects me worse than coffee. Green tea is the worst...it's supposed to have less caffeine but it makes me more jittery than anything! I'm just weird I guess. Chai is my favorite tea. I also love a good earl gray or English breakfast. Rooibos is good too and less caffeine.
I drank Peppermint a lot when I was ill, and still do sometimes if I fancy something caffeine free in the evening. I also had some Fennel Tea; Fennel's meant to have all sorts of fantastic properties for your digestive system, according to the internet, but I'm not sure it helped.

I tried Ginger Tea a couple of times. Kept me awake at night and when I did sleep I had lots of weird dreams. Never again.
I got one plant from a plant nursery and put it in a flowerbed, now it wants to take over my yard. You can grow them in pots as well.
Like Tuff said, mint is an invasive herb and grows fast. I grew it, but never made tea with it. How do you do it?
I cut the sprigs with scissors, and make a bundle, tie it together and hang to dry. You could use fresh leaves, but I like to dry them. Put the dried, crushed leaves into a tea infuser in a pot of hot water. I find it soothing to the stomach.
Earl Grey or Lipton decaf.
Black tea has tanic acid in it and
It's a smooth muscle relaxer, intestines
are smooth muscle. Always makes me feel a bit