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Cold-like symptoms with Humira

My wife has been taken Humira for a few months now. Once a week.

The Crohn symptoms are controlled nicely, but she seems to have permanent cold-like symptoms: sore throat, runny nose etc...
We think it is related to Humira as we think it lowers the efficacy of the immune system. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on how to deal with it?
My 13 Yr old daughter is on Humira and has been for just over a year now. Sometimes a few days leading up to when the Humira is due (fortnightly) my daughter has cold like symptoms,sore throat, blocked nose, etc. Seems to dissappear when she has had the Humira. Strange really as it's not every time Maybe things just need to settle with your wife and I'm sure it will. I am glad to hear the Humira is helping with the crohns, it's helped my daugther a great deal she has been so well since starting on it. I wish your wife well.

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Humira lowers the immune system but does not make it more likely to get the common cold
It makes you more likely to get opportunistic infections (think if you have the flu your more likely to get pneumonia).
My kiddo has been on biologics since age 8
So all through elementary school and middle school
He is in high school now
He got far less colds than my other non ibd kiddo

Also remember folks with crohns have a hyper immune system
Meaning their bodies are on high alert to attack everything . Hence why it is attacking itself (crohns ) biologics lowers that to a normal level

You can have dry mouth syndrome which can cause sore throat/cough etc
Sour candy can help with that
Thank you Lizzyg. Does your daughter also have recurring cough episodes?
Yes she has coughs quite often but don't really last that long. Maybe your wife's body has just got to get used to the Humira. Other than cold and cough symptoms when the Humira is due my daughter is doing amazing on humira, she has no other side effects of any kind. I think it's a wonder drug.
Thank you to everyone who is posting on this thread. I've resisted my doctors' advice to try Humira partly because I was afraid I'd be far more susceptible to colds and flu. As it is, recovering from my third serious cold since February because my immune system is so bad. Been waiting months to be seen by a new specialist since I moved. Will get more info whenever (if ever) her office contacts me.
has anyone tried taking humira less often (say at 9 days instead of 7) to try to get the right balance immunity vs Crohn's? Can one then return back to 7 if Crohn's acts up?