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Colds & Ear Infections

Cross-stitch gal

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I was wondering if any of you have had ear infections with this cold virus going around. I had an ear infection before the first cold I had and now that I'm better from the 2nd cold, now I've got an infection again worse than the first time I had one. I think this one is the worst I've had since I was a kid even. I'm doing my best to treat it here at home and not really wanting to go into the doctor. But, boy oh boy do I hurt!!! :voodoo:

my little penguin

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Ear infections that persist can transform into mastoiditis which can infect he brain .

Ds had mastoiditis two years ago and we were treating his ear infection with not one but two abx

Please get checked by a doctor
They do need monitored at the very least
Hope you get better soon
Ever since I started Humira I've been more prone to sinus/ear infections....gotta make sure I see a dr immediately for an antibiotic when it starts! I waited too long the first time which caused my ear drum to burst. It created a huge hole in the ear drum that the ENT did not want to even attempt surgical repair.....Due to the hole being so large he didn't feel the surgery would be successful. My pain threshold is so high I didn't even know I had a burst ear drum! So when I start a sinus cold I have it check ASAP.....stay on top of it