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Colinoscopy day and effect of prep...

Hi guys sorry if I sound grim and depressing today is my dreaded colonoscopy.... ive hardly slept and hoping the prep has worked as still going loo however not been like an attack needing to go if you understand me? Also its had a horrid effect a big pile has popped out even though ive not strained at all and all thats coming out is blood and like water with bits in... im so anxious hope the prep has not messed my insides up even more :( dreading the thought of that camera with a big pile popping out... ouch :( only good thing is hopefully will get a diagnosis thanks for listening xx
Hi there. I can understand your concerns. I wouldn't worry about the prep having worked, it sounds like it has definitely done its job! I don't think it will have done any more damage either, otherwise our docs might be a little more hesitant to prescribe it. I hope this is reassuring to you and helps you stay calm. I know it's a scary procedure. Have you ever had a colonoscopy before? I just had one a few days ago.

Your doctor will be able to figure out what's going on in there and hopefully give you some answers. Good luck. I hope it goes well and you are able to go home and get some rest and feel better.
Well I hope it goes well for you. I really don't think it is known to cause any lasting damage or aggravate any disease so try not to fret (I know that's easier said than done). Just know that unless you have horrible reactions to sedatives (like me!) the worst part should be over. Soon they'll give you the good drugs and you'll have some results.
I'm 14, and I had a colonoscopy a week ago. Prep is the worst - they said that to me, but I didn't believe, but it is the truth! I had abscesses so they got pretty bad from all the shitting (I went about 30-40 times, and I washed after each and every one!) and they just put you to sleep. No pain, but when you wake up, uhhh... let's just say you will feel wet..shortly said: You will poop while they do the colonoscopy, and you are going to be at your room with blankets on top of you. Unpleasant.