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Collagen protein powders

Hi everyone!
Has anyone had any negative/positive reactions to adding in a collagen protein powder into their daily diet? I am desperately trying to find a suitable addition to my husbands daily diet , and I know that whey protein is not the best. I have run into collagen protein supplements from bovine and stumbled upon Collagen Peptides by Live Well. The reviews on the product itself are excellent, it seems like its a great brand. Any comments good or bad would be appreciated!
Happy New Year!
Previously, after training, I used pure protein with water, but I no longer liked the taste and I began to add protein to food and so I ate for about six months. Everything was fine and there were no side effects, the only disadvantage of this diet is that it gets boring quickly. I thought about how to replace protein and found Peptides for Sale, which are a substitute for protein. By the way, I found out about this when I consulted with my dietitian friend, who just told me about this thing. I decided to try switching from protein to peptides and so far the result is positive and everything is fine. Good luck to you, buddy!
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