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Colon Resection Recovery Issues

I am a little over two weeks post-surgery from my laparoscopic colon resection (had 5-6 inches of stricture removed). All in all, my recovery has been okay (despite some issues with pain management in the first few days). Yesterday I went for my two week follow-up and was feeling good. However, it was an hour-long ride to hospital and about a block of walking to and from the car. While I have been fairly active in the past few days, it was a lot. I felt fine to and from the appointment but last night I started getting pain in my left side of the stomach, just under/near my hip bone. It became worse over night, waking me in my sleep. All day today it has been excruciating. My Tramadol/Tylenol mix is not helping at all. My surgeon told me to take some Dilaudid while we wait on some blood work to come back, but I am losing my mind with this pain. If it gets worse, they said go to the ER. I am not sure if it is worse that this AM, but it is just constant and I cannot get any relief. I cannot tell if it is muscular in nature (since it is so close to my hip joint, which seems weird) or whether it is intestinal. Either way, it is a completely new and different pay than I have had so far. After surgery I felt dull and achy pain. What I feel now is sharp, shooting, and constant. I did have one BM this morning so it does not seem to be an obstruction.

I am just trying to hang on until tomorrow afternoon when I hear from my doctor again, but does anyone have experience with something like this?

Thanks in advance,
Hi, hope today finds u doing better.
This might not be what is happening for you. However from my experience, Sharp pain by the hip bone can sometimes suggest gas or wind pain. Pain medication does not seem to ever ease gas pain. Walking can help. I noticed after a resection usually around the 2 to 3 week point, gas pain can happen. Some experience the bowels adjusting. Ask your Dr. if you can take a product like gas x.. Get it checked out to be safe.

Hope you feel better and your recovery is fast. Take it easy :)
be well, God Bless