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colonoscopy biopsy question

I had a colonoscopy in march with unspecific inflammation in my sigmoid colon and inflammatory polyps. Just did a second upper and lower endoscopy.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts or info on what my biopsy report means? From my sigmoid colon: "biopsy fragments show acute colitis with surface erosion and ulcer bed. Remaining fragments are either normal or show some mild crypt architectural distortion without significant inflammation."

Does anyone know what an ulcer bed is? Or surface erosion? Thank you very much!


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What it means is that examination of the biopsy specimens they took from the sigmoid portion of your colon during your colonoscopy show acute inflammation. There was little or no inflammation observed in specimens taken from other parts of your gut.

While this description does completely not rule out some other inflammatory diagnosis, the observed inflammation, erosion, and ulcers are consistent with what you would find with active Crohn's or ulcerative colitis.
Thank you -- I've got inflammatory pseudo-polyps in my sigmoid colon. I think that's what they took the biopsies of, but I'm unsure. They took 4 biopsies from the sigmoid region.

The last colonoscopy just said "inflammatory polyp" in the biopsy report. Maybe this pathologist gives more information, or maybe it's gotten worse. After the colonoscopy I was told the size of the inflammatory polyps were smaller then the last colonoscopy. I thought it meant things were getting better then the last scope, but maybe not.