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Colonoscopy - difficult torturous bowel



I had my colonoscopy yesterday after surgery in July and November 2018. They couldn't get to the surgery site (TI) due to the twists and turns and what is described as a 'difficult and torturous bowel' in my report.

So I don't know if the crohn's is back?! I'm having symptoms, could this be inflammation returning or a narrowing or the twists and turns.

Any ideas what next? Help!


my little penguin

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Are you having an MRE (mri with entography )?
Typically barium is given to drink
Then they give you glycogen abd gallulidum by iv during the scan
This lets them see the small intestine
If it’s clear they can do a capsule endoscopy (swallow a pill cam ) which provides images of your entire small intestine

Good luck


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Yes, a torturous bowel just means it was very bendy. A bit of a startling word to see in a colonoscopy report before you know its meaning!

Barium meals are also quite standard, although they’re seeing a reduction in use nowadays in favour of other imaging. You’re having the barium meal as a way to see the small intestine, since even if the scope had reached the TI, it wouldn’t have gone any further, so your doctor(s) want to check on the rest of the small bowel too. Hope it wasn’t too bad – I had several as a child and while the test was fairly easy... I still hated it. Barium is worse than scope prep taste-wise, in my opinion!!