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Colonoscopy during flare

Been flaring like I never before imagined and have a colonoscopy scheduled in three weeks. How awful of an experience may I expect and what can be done to help me through it?

Last time I had a colonoscopy (September 2011) I thought I would not survive the prep and suffered for about a week after....(that's one reason I have avoided a follow-up till now and why I am not on any real meds - roids).

I was flaring when I went through my colonoscopy, and the prep was like my worst night in a and e.

To help you through, you could go on to a liquid diet earlier than suggested, then hopefully you will be emptier and need less actual prep?

Also I found heat pads helped with the cramps (since you can't take painkillers during prep)


I was also on a full on flare when I had my scope on in December and the prep was the worst I have ever experienced, in the end I didn't actually complete it. Of the two packs of stuff to drink I only managed one for them, I made sure the hosp was aware of this before the procedure but they said it was fine. One thing I will say is that it was the quickest scope I have ever had, things were so bad that they very quickly saw all the nastiness inside and didn't need to carry on looking for the issue. I think Rebecca's idea of going on a liquid diet leadng up to it is a good one as there is less 'stuff' for the prep to break down.


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I'm sorry you're having so much trouble right now, you poor thing :( I like Rebecca's idea of going on a liquid diet. Not only will it make you emptier like Rebecca stated, but it could help with your flare as well. Check the Enteral Nutrition forum for some ideas on that. However, if you like the idea, I'd run it by your doctor before you start.

I hope you feel better soon!
I just had a colonoscopy while having a flare less than a month ago...I agree with the above suggestion of eating a liquid diet the day of your prep to make things go more smoothly. I ate beef broth, lemon jell-o, gatorade, and popsicles. I was starving, which made my bowel ache on top of the chron's, but it made the prep go faster and more tolerable. I would avoid dairy for the 2 days leading up to the prep as well. Think of the "end result" before you go and eat something!

Good luck! I hope you feel okay!
I was in a full flare for my colonoscopy. It was actually not to bad. For the prep I went from flaming painful I want to die D every 5-30minutes... To just watery/light yellow clear D that was almost not burning every 5-30 minutes.

Though at about 3/4 of the way through the jug o liquid stuff my stomach said no more or it will go back out the way it went in.

The oscopy itself I was not conscious for so yay...

Afterward wasn't too bad either but I had zero appetite, which led me here when searching for answers. Then I learned about ensure plus.
I had to have my colonoscopy during my first crohns flare.

The magnesium citrate drink didn't seem to make my stomach any worse, I drank both no problem. It even made my stomach more relaxed.


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Wouldn't most people be in a flare, to some degree, when they have a scope to assist in their diagnosis?

My son didn't have issues with the prep or anything unusual post scope except the pain they warn you about that may occur in the first 24 hours. The difference the flare did make was the GI did not to push through the inflammation so had him go for a CT Enterogram the next day to establish just how far the disease, in the small bowel, extended.

Dusty. xxx