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Colonoscopy fail

I'm so embarrassed and upset. I went for my colonoscopy and gastroscopy today. I did the prep to a tee, and suffered for hours and hours yesterday with the prep. They did the gastroscopy fine but when they came to the colonoscopy, my bowels hadn't cleared out properly (despite taking all the glycoprep etc and low fibre diet blah blah). Stool was clear all night of any bits (lol sorry!).
It was extremely painful and they couldn't go all the way through.

The results say significantly excessive looping of the colon. Nonbleeding ulcerated mucosa present in descending colon. No clear views at any stage. However, possible patchy inflamed congested colonic mucosa. Biopsies taken.

Can anyone shed any light on why the prep hasn't worked properly? And what those pitiful results may mean?

Specialist says I have a long and loopy colon and next time I'll need at least 4lt of prep.
I'm so upset, I wanted answers today and I did everything I could to help ensure that 😢