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Colonoscopy Friday, Help!

Hi all,

I am not officially diagnosed yet, but am currently prepping for my first colonoscopy in a few days. My symptoms started when I was 16, and I am now almost 21. It started off with severe nausea. I was nauseous all the time and could barely eat because it made me sick. I ended up at urgent care and the ER for fluids. The first doctor I saw ran blood tests and did an endoscopy and everything came back okay. He diagnosed me with "stress" and said it would just go away.

My symptoms did lessen for a while, and I was actually feeling pretty good until March of 2017. My horrendous nausea recurred, and it didn't go away. I got in with a new GI, and he gave me some new acid reflux medication and sent me on my way. I later had my gallbladder and stomach emptying checked, which came back okay.

This nausea continued for about five months, and then disappeared again. My first year of college came and went, but when I was home for the summer, I was hit with another attack. This one only lasted about a week, but I had the same symptoms and ended up vomiting a little. It was an absolute nightmare-- nothing like any stomach bug I've had. Since then, I have developed severe constipation (I've struggled since childhood occasionally, but this is something else)...I ended up in the ER a few months ago for uncontrollable vomiting and severe nausea-- turns out I was so constipated that nothing could get through, not even water.

A few months ago, i went to my GP to see if they could be of any assistance. I had started having really weird BM's-- I would get the urge to go, but then just mucus would come out. This had never happened to me but continued for about a week. I still have mucus in my stools now. They told me to reduce my stress and drink water. However, they did order some normal blood tests just to rule out other things, and... after FOUR years, something came back. Both my amylase and lipase were elevated. We checked my pancreas, and that isn't the culprit. I've read about these elevated levels being correlated with IBD in some cases. They weren't sky high as in acute pancreatitis, but definitely elevated.

Could this be IBD? Although my other tests have come back normal, I have a hard time believing it's just IBS with how bad I feel, and thought that with IBS, no blood tests should come back abnormal? It would be nice to know what's causing those elevated pancreatic enzymes.

I don't have severe pain as many others do, but my nausea does get incredible intense. The constipation is unbearable, and without a lot of laxatives, I am unable to go at all. I've tried everything (fiber, Miralax, senna, mag citrate and enemas when it gets bad). When I'm not "flaring" I am able to go normally. I also do have mild cramping. I've read a few stories like this. Anyone?

Sorry for the long post, thank you for any advice!
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Hi there, good luck with the Colonoscopy. Add a mixer, like Roses lime juice cordial to the Prep medicine you have to drink beforehand, at home to empty the bowel. This makes it more palatable. It could be IBS but wait and discuss this with your Doctor after results of Colonoscopy. Don't worry about the figures. Eat a varied diet and fruit to ease constipation. I hope you feel better soon.
I am so sorry. From what I've read, your symptoms could be indicators of inflammation in your intestinal system. I'm in the process of getting diagnosed with suspected Crohn's and I also had bad constipation when I first got sick earlier this year. I had a partial blockage in my large colon and food could barely pass through. I was nauseous for weeks and had a hard time eating food. When the constipation cleared up after taking ClearLax/RestoraLax for several days, my appetite came back.

Oddly enough, the prep for the colonoscopy helped me feel better. Maybe I was still partially constipated. I did the prep outlined by the doctor, but it wasn't working for several hours. As it began to get later in the day into the evening, I got nervous and drank many doses of ClearLax/RestoraLax in lots of gatorade lemon-lime. This is probably not advised, but it worked to clear me for the test.

The scope and the biopsy are two of the best ways to get a diagnosis. Hopefully it'll help figure out answers for you. good luck!
Thanks so much! They’ve been having me do a little extra “prep” this week since I tend to be constipated more. I actually have felt pretty good too so far doing the prep. Hoping you get some definite answers soon too:)