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Colonoscopy Help Needed

I just found this forum today and need some advice. To make it short, I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow so have to start the preparation this afternoon. Following two surgeries I then had two bowel obstruction surgeries. I now have less than 5ft of bowel remaining. This will be the first colonoscopy I've had with only a few feet of bowel remaining. Will there be any change in doing the prep this afternoon? Will it be easier or more difficult? I've also had skin grafts in the vulva area and am worried about pain as that area is extremely
Having less bowel will make it easier to clean out. I would think you wouldn't need as much preparation (less laxative), but really it should have been explained to you by the doc! Hopefully the skin graft area won't get irritated by the many trips to the bathroom. You can always have a soak in the tub with some salt added to the water - it is soothing. Take some paracetamol if needed.
Hey good luck. Try to take things as easy as you possibly can.
All the best.