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Colonoscopy on thursday

So the colonoscopy prep starts tomorrow evening, scope due on Thursday morning. I am not looking forward to it, but who does? At least I have the luxury of a guest bedroom and bathroom at home so I should not disturb anyone or get disturbed too much. A certain 3 year old might not quite understand that though.

I am not expecting the doc to see anything abnormal, I have been feeling good for quite some time. I have taken the dose down on Asacol to the maintenance dose and the joint pain I was having has gone after 2 weeks. Hurray. I just hope that the dose is sufficient to keep inflammation at bay.

But....we are going on holiday on friday and that leaves me tomorrow for all the preparations because I can't see me doing much on wednesday or thursday. Aaaarrgghh. Being gluten free, dairy free, sugar free (well, if I can) is not easy when you get to stay in the back of beyond. Does anyone else pack their own wooden spoons, pasta strainer etc or am I really crazy?

Also, I am dreading the journey on friday, I can't remember the feeling the day after a colonoscopy. It wont help that my period is due that day too.

I just had to share that. Those are the things that keep me preoccupied at the moment! Now I'm off to bed.