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Colonoscopy prep questions

My son is doing his prep today for his scope. It has him drinking 238g bottle of Miralax at 11am over 4 hours. No other laxative meds listed. My son doesn't have D with his crohn's and was previously on Miralax for constipation. THis is the prep his GI nurse gave us, and they know his history. Has anyone else had a prep like this? I am afraid it isn't going to get the job done.


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Always have two dulcolax in the am
14 doses of miralax then 2 more dulcolax at 4 pm
He has had 6 scopes so far
Also has constipation not diarrhea
I would be concerned with miralax only
Not going to clean it out

Only infants and little kids do miralax only but that is over three days to clean it all out
What prep have you used for past scopes ???


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Yes, we do 2 dulcolax too in the morning too (but not in the afternoon). Can you call the on-call GI?
He used the dulcolax/miralax prep before, it was a different GI and hospital. Should I call the GI fellow on call? I should have ask his nurse earlier but I didn't realize the pills weren't on the prep sheet until this morning. :(


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I don't think they'll care how he does it as long as he gets cleaned out. Just don't use any red, orange, purple colored drinks.
My daughter's prep had her taking one square of Ex-lax at the beginning and end, along with the miralax in the middle. Then the evening before the scope, if everything wasn't cleaned out, she was supposed to take a dulcolax suppository. She ended up being all clear with just the first Ex-lax and the miralax, so we stopped with that.

Whatever you decide to go with, I hope the prep isn't too hard on your son, and that the scope goes well tomorrow.


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Both my girls did Miralax only. It didn't do the job for either of them, especially my younger more constipated daughter. Our instruction were just to keep going until she was clear. We had to go through the gigantic bottle and 1 1/2 small bottles and we were up half the night. O had to go through the gigantic bottle and half the smaller bottle. What I wouldn't have done for a Dulculax!

Good Luck!
Only the Miralax here for Jack, however my hubby had scopes on Friday and they had the ducolax/Miralax on his.
Have to agree with the others as long as he gets cleaned out.
Good luck!
This is a timely thread as my ds is doing his prep now too. Started drinking Miralax at 4:30 and is still not finished (on his last cup) at 8:00. Is that timeframe ok? Also, this is a new GI and we did dulcolax last time but they don't have it listed this time. I think I want to give it to him to be sure he is cleaned out. I know he does not want to do this again. If I do dulcolax what time should I give it to him? We go in at 6:45 with the scopes scheduled for 8:45 am tomorrow. Johnnysmom good luck to you.

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Dulcolax takes a few hour to start working which why our Gi has DS take it at 4 pm so he can actually sleep without running to the bathroom
Inpatient they gave it to DS much later and he was up most of the night

my little penguin

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Can't tell you what meds to give your child
Not a doctor
If he isn t cleaned out for the scope
Has to have yellow liquid mountain "peeing" out the bum is what we were told
They can't do it properly if the kid isn't cleaned out
H had the scope this morning around 8am. The Miralax seemed to do it's job although I saw a little stool on the pics of his large bowel. The GI didn't say he wasn't cleared out enough so I guess the miralax was enough.

He had some white areas in his throat, the biopsied but thought yeast maybe (thrush?) His stomach and duodenum were the worst areas with several ulcers. The rest of the colon looked normal. His disease is better than when he got his first scope at diagnosis 4 years ago but not what they would consider consistent with remission. So now we wait for the biopsies and see what the Dr. recommends for meds.

We are just glad to have that scope behind us!! How's your son doing MamaHenn?
I know I'm jumping in too late-scopes are done-but FYI, my son used ducolax with very little affect and was given an enima by the nurse just prior to the scope. A little traumatic for a kid, but it sure did work!
Johnnysmom, sorry you are looking at a change in meds. Hope you find an alternative that gets your boy into remission quickly.
Mamahen, hope the scope went well today!
Thankfully ds was cleaned out enough. Whew! Scopes went well but he had a tough time coming out of anesthesia which was a first and difficult to watch. He is back home and happily eating now. The doctor that did the scope is not our dr (worked out this way with scheduling and time off) so we'll know more in a few days. Preliminary findings are mild inflammation in rectum, cecum and at ileocecal valve.


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Johnnysmom: mind me asking what his latest Fecal calpro number was? Just interested because some docs have a theory that fc isn't as indicative of small bowel disease but obviously in your son's case that isn't true.
His last Fecal cal in August was 249. The GI said this number was consistent with the amount of inflammation she saw.

He is on 6mp right now but has been way under medicated for a while now. His WBC get suppressed when he gets too high of a dose and it kept him in solid remission for several years so the GI kept things as they were. Its time to pull my head out of the sand and make some changes!

I just have to say the kid is such a trooper. His school is off this weekend and a bunch of his classmates parents rented a big bus and took all the kids to a haunted house Sunday night while he was doing his prep. Not only was he not invited but he was seeing all the fun they were having on Instagram while he was at home doing his bowel prep. He has a great attitude though and I feel lucky to have such a kind hearted kid.:heart: As a mom it stings a bit though! I know you all know how I feel:)


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wow! That does sting! Poor pumpkin! I am impressed with his attitude.

Tell him I say they wasted their money cuz there is nothing more gross and scary than bowel prep and scopes😛