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Colonoscopy Prep


I have a colonoscopy in a couple of days and I will be prepping from 4pm tomorrow for the following day (UK time).

I have read the sticky thread regarding the prep. Can someone please confirm that it would be ok to mix the whole sachet of prep with Gatorade lemon and lime?

Has anyone in the UK ised any other similar drink (lucozade, powerade etc?) as gatorade can be difficult to get a hold of over here?

Hi Luke

I would make the Moviprep up them mix it with Fresh orange or Apple juice deffo not gatrade lucozade or powerade

defo nothing fizzy as this will make you badly sick and i would take the day off work the day before and after as the prep is horrific and the day after the pain is not great at all and you will be still coming down from the sedation

i got no sleep the day before so i was in a right mess for about 3 days

and if you try and down the stuff you will just be very very very sick trust me i have been there its not pretty at all

stay away from anything but water and fresh juice whilst taking thats prep

the actual scope is no worries at all they know you out and have a nice little sleep while they at it

you then wake up as if nothing has happen no pain at all

untill the day after

all the best mate

keep us updates

Thanks Stacey.

Yeh I was reading some other posts and thought it would be a strange thing to mix it with gatorade but thought I'd ask as its pretty disgusting tasting.

I've had 3 or 4 colonoscopy's in the past but none recently and I've made the mistake of trying to down it and puking everywhere ha. I think to be safe I will just stick to water! I can cope with it ha
If you are having the powdered mix, I would suggest with just water. My reasoning, once I tried it with gingerale, and now I can't drink gingerale since it reminds me sooo much of the awful bitter taste! mix your sachet with water and then drink it fast! then hydrate yourself with gatorade.
I used 7up/sprite with my prep and mixed it in. Worked well for me I could hardly taste the prep (which was Fleet Phosphosoda). I took it slowly through a straw and paced myself and didn't spew or anything.

My brain doesn't seem to work that way where I would associate it with prepping... Can still drink 7up no bother!