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Colonoscopy Report - 1 year on Entyvio

Best ever - gastroenterologist says it looks better than it ever has. No inflammation, even at the anastomasis from the bowel resection, no polyps, everything's great. Looks a lot better than when I was on any of the other Crohn's treatments including Humira, Remicade immunosuppressants, and the symptoms are gone, bowel movements normal.

I guess I'm lucky to be one of the 50% Entyvio works for. Not even any side effects.
I've had two doses of Entyvio and report no side effects. I'm still volunteering, shopping and cutting my big yard. My dermatologist tells me to expect improvement after moving away from Humira. Hope so.

I have noticed another trigger in drinking grape Cystal Light. I got away with no problems for almost thirty years, but GI docs warned me about dark liquids like coffee, Pepsi and now grape Crystal Light for heaven's sake. In time on Entyvio I hope to be able to go back to coffee.

like the new look on the Forum.