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Colonoscopy results....... Good

Hey guys. I was diagnosed with Crohns in Aug 2009 (mostly in rectal area). Just had my first annual follow-up colonoscopy. Results were good.
My colon cleaned up (no visual ulcers). I did have minor scarring in the ascending colon though which annoys me.
I am going to see him again after the biopsies are back so that we can talk about my maintenance meds.

PS - Just for fun, I took my weight before the prep (Nulyte) and after. I thought it would be more of a drastic difference. 184lbs before and 180lbs after.
Ibdoer- 4lb is a lot when you think all that was poo! Most of the volume is just prep and water, which comes out pretty much the same speed as you drink it. so in total you probably pooped out 3 or 4 times that amount!

By the way- I once thought it would be fun to weigh myself before and after one of my 'morning after' poops. According to my scales I put on 1/2lb. Serves me right for buying cheap scales I guess!
LOL loose 4 pounds in 4 hours miracle, stays gone unless you eat!

Glad your colonoscopy went well! Scar tissue is part of a crohnies life I think.