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Colonoscopy results- help please!

Hi all :) I have had Crohn's Disease for 13 years and I have just had my second colonscopy today (definitely not enough sedation used, and I was sick twice, so I'm just chilling on the sofa now to recover) anyway, my last colonscopy was to diagnose me so this one was to see how the disease is doing but I don't understand the report, can anyone help me please?? I would really appreciate it if you could, I have no idea how severe these results are until I talk to somebody. Thank you in advance, I will just list everything I am unsure of if that's okay?

I have a marked inflamed proximal TC
I have large inflammatory looking polyploid growth at Hepatic flexure with other smaller similar lesions
I have a narrowing with two lumens visible distally which could be TI opening or possible fistula
I have active pan colonic CD

Sorry if these questions seem silly, I just don't get what these statements mean and I've got to wait on the biopsies they've taken too, I also have to have small bowel imaging to find out about the fistula. Should I be worried about all of this? Thanks everyone.
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my little penguin

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Why did you not have a colonoscopy for 13 years ?
Everything you wrote described active inflammation and chronic inflammation
What maintenance meds are you working n?
What did the Gi give you for the active inflammation (steriods )?
Thanks for the reply. Do you have any idea of what the proximal TC means, the polyploid growth with similar lesions, or what the TI opening is? I am so lost with all of this language.

I was only referred for my second colonscopy by my specialist recently, they didn't seem to think I've needed to go before that. At the moment I take humira and azathropine, the humira initially got me into remission but it seems to have lost its effect now. Also, I was given nothing by the GI, I have to wait for my biopsy results to see my specialist, I just feel very in the dark about all of this and like I'm totally inflamed and just waiting.


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Yep. Disease activity throughout.

Have they ever tested your Humira levels right before your shot? It could be that you just don't have enough drug in your body and you need your shots moved closer together rather than it isn't working. Either way sounds like something needs to be adjusted.
Thank you for the reply. Ahh! So nothing has improved, I remember from my first colonoscopy they said they couldn't operate because the disease was everywhere. Do you know what the polyploid growth could be? From my understanding they removed polyps during the colonscopy, is a polyploid growth different?

They haven't tested my levels before my shot, I currently take humira every fortnight so it could be changed to weekly, I have just been on humira for so long now I'm concerned about the side effects. I have reduced my work hours recently, perhaps steroids for a short time, an increase in humira and less stress will do me good?

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Hi, yes polyps are a different thing. Most are harmless, but since some can develop into cancer over time, its safer to remove them when found during a scope. These polyps can be found in healthy and IBD patients. However, IBD patients are at increased risks of colonic cancer and that is one of the reasons why colonoscopy should be performed as often as possible for us, even when we are in remission. In my case, after 18 years of CD, I wouldnt feel safe to go more than 2 years without a scope. The risk of cancer increases with disease duration and scope prevention is very important in our case.
Testing Humira level is your next step. Its a simple blood test and the result should help your GI know what to do with dosing medication or other plan . Pan colonic CD means disease activity all over the colon, no doubt you are in suffering:( Really hope you find relief soon!
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