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Colonoscopy results!!

colonoscopy results!!

Hi All

Well just had my first colonoscopy - hated every minute of it! There were two doctors there - one was more experienced and he had to takeover twice to get round some difficult areas - all very uncomfortable!!

But they gave me a report and this is what is says:

'A difficult colonoscopy due to very acute angles of the splenic and hepatic flexure. The illeocaecal valve appeared obviously inflammed and the illeal opening appeared stenosed and would not allow the scope to enter. Biopsies taken from this area and from the other segments of the colon (biopsies taken in total).'

I have an appointment with the specialist on the 24th Dec and will get the biopsie results then.

The diagnosis on the report says 'Inflammatory bowel disease and likely crohns involvement of the terminal ileum'.

Ive been told to carry on taken my Pentasa but the doctor wants to review the medication on the 24th!

Not sure why im telling you all this but its nice to be able to tell people who kind of understand!! I feel a bit better knowing they saw something! Just wish this cramping feeling would go!!


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So you had the colonscopy being awake?? There is no need for that today, my first few were half out but I could feel them, painkillers dont work...idiots. Now I get put out and not groggy either.

As for the scope not being able to get through if it is right at the beginning where the appendix is, there is a bit of a curve to get around it and if it is inflammed a scope cannot get thru, this has happened to me a few times. Only my first and last Gi could get it.

That is along way to wait for some decent meds to help until the 24th. And great Christmas eve... Pentasa is a mild drug, and doesnt work too well on its own, at least for me. I guess they want the results and carefully go over them to decide what drug you need to take. I hope you have good insurance coverage, most of the good drugs are costly.

I guess your picolax must of worked!
yeah i was awake throughout - they gave me a sedative and some pain killers at the beginning but they didnt seem to have much effect - they gave me a second sedative half way through but again that didnt have much effect either.

There were 2 doctors there (my consultant and his registrar). The registrar did the procedure but the consultant had to take over twice to get round the difficult areas - i had to move a lot as well - from my left side to my right, to lying on my back then onto my front! Felt awful afterwards - threw up - but feeling much better now!

Im based in the UK so luckily i dont need insurance - just have to put up with the long waiting times!!

The Pentasa hasnt really helped me much - but then again my symptoms have been milder for the last few months - but since taking the pentasa ive been no better....but no worse either!


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I live in Canada, we dont have to pay to be hospitalized or services, and my husband works in a good job where superior benefits, and yes, the waiting times in Canada are long. With Crohns disease, every day can be different. Hope you still around to let us know what the results are. Cause I am interested for one, to know. Technology has come along way but obviously the technique of scoping hasnt. My Gi gives you 3 needs, a brilliant concoction, dont remember a thing, so I dont hate colonoscopies any more. The worst for me is no food lol.

I remember having one, its funny cause they started the stuff to knock me out and the doctor came in and I was all hyper and he said did you guys give her the stuff. They of course said yes and then gave me another dose of it. Eventually I went to sleep but woke up a few min later. It was strange looking up at the tv seeing the thing go through and seeing it pinch at the same time feeling it. I think I annoyed my doctor with all the questions I was asking during it. Seems like pain killers and such dont work as well for crohns patients. I think its because we cant absorb most of it. Think its 2% that we absorb in our system, well food that is. So I figure the % isnt much higher for other stuff as well.


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You poor thing, Vickie. I've always been knocked out for mine.

At least you know what you have and can start focusing on better treatment. It's silly you have to wait a month for new meds. Hang in there!

Welcome to the forum!
Poor Vickie, I am in the UK, and having my 3rd Colonoscopy next Thursday, luckily my mum came to my GI appt and demanded that I get extra sedation, because you are right - it's pretty nasty!

Good luck with your results - knowledge is power and all that!

Lishyloo x
Omg I could not imagine being awake for mine and being asked to move during it. I have been knocked out for each one. It never came into ? of being sedated or not.
I think being awake is the norm over here. Shame really I'd loved to be knocked out. Maybe I should take a hammer with me and just give myself a good plonk on the head before the colo.
I was awake for mine. They gave me LOTS of drugs but they only made me a bit loopy and ended up talking faster/more than usual. All the nurses were quite amused! It wasn't so bad though as it didn't take that long. It was all the farting afterwards that was 'interesting' as I was scared I may shart myself - never dod though!
The last 2 I've been fully awake and conscious of what was going on but it didn't really hurt, slightly uncomfortable but nothing that was any worse than the cramping and D itself. Hope you get some good results from the biopsies and get on the right medications to help you out.
I'm out and I love it!!!! There was one time when I had a differant Dr do the procedure and he must not have ordered as much as my regular GI cause I woke up about 3/4 of the way through. I was still pretty loopy so it didn't bother me. Now a Sigmoid is differant. That is literally a pain in the ........!!!!

James, that would be a funny sight, plonking yourself in the head.
Shaz, ladies don't fart. At least not in public. Do they? lol
Pirate said:
Shaz, ladies don't fart. At least not in public. Do they? lol
Nothing beats a good fart when you need one Pirate! ;) and we all know how much air comes out after a colonoscopy! Once I felt 'safe' that was all that was going to come I had great pleasure in doing the longest, loudest farts I've ever done, I think I got to about 20 seconds at one point! :)
I was wide awake for my last colonoscopy too, they gave me sedation and painkillers but they were useless! I remember every minute - I wouldn't consent to the procedure again under those circumstances atleast.

Thankfully it's over though Vickie I suppose and hopefully now you can make some progress and start feeling better. :D Roll on the 24th I guess! Hope the cramping passing soon too. Take care!