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Colonoscopy Terminology

has anyone ever heard the term 'continuous extend' with relation to Crohn's ulceration?

this is on my recent colonoscopy report, along with some not so pretty photos - apparently i have serpiginous ulcers.. i looked up the word and it relates to serpent (snakeskin appearance).

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Hey ding, I googled pictures and they are not like mine, mine are Cobblestone type ulcers and have 5 of them. White in appearance. I saw the pictures but we dont get to keep them ;). So now that they have the answers for you, what is the treatment for them and how severe?
thanks Creepy, that makes sense.. i wasn't sure to what the 'continuous extend' was referring - i guess in Crohn's it means the mucosa then.

Pen - for now, my consultant is happy to give me the chance to try LDN again, and give it a really good long shot. if that doesn't work, we'll talk about other options, but i'm really hopeful it will help this time.