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Colonoscopy today, please give thoughts.

Had the colonoscopy today. One polyp. Internal hemorrhoids, diverticulosis. Husband was the one to speak with the doctor. He’s an idiot and didn’t ask any questions and wasn’t sure what the doctor said about Crohns except that he didn’t see anything big to worry about. Of course the polyp was sent for biopsy as were the other samples, I can’t figure out how to downsize my photos to post them. I see what I wonder is cobblestoning in them. Obviously, it doesn’t go from smooth wall to the atrocious growths we see in seconds, so I wonder what thoughts you all have, or how your photos might compare. If nothing shows on biopsies I guess it’s a case of IBS, diverticulitis I’ve been fighting for so long. I have a recheck with the surgeon on Monday.

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I think your best bet is to contact your clinic and tell them you have questions about your colonoscopy. Usually my GI will send home a print out for me to see later when I'm more awake and coherent. But, if yours didn't do what mine did sometimes it's better to call them with questions and concerns. Good luck. :hug:
Hey, sorry to hear you didn't get concrete info given afterwards. After my colonoscopy I had a print out to take home with me describing where inflammation was and some photos showing normal sections and the inflamed area. I agree it's a good idea to call them to make sure you've got everything down :)