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Colonoscopy tomorrow.. any tips?

Well im having my first colonoscopy tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any tips which could make it or the prep go a bit smoother lol. I got moviprep which i start taking at 7pm tonight. ive read thats its easier to drink using a straw?
Is the actual colonoscopy painful?
Im also kind of stupidly worried about the results as i havent had any problems in agood few months now with the crohns/uc only frequent bowel movements like 3 or 4 times a day which isnt much to be complaining about so im worried this test will be pointless and show nothing...
For my scopes, I'm always drugged up. I don't remember anything once they start the drugs. One minute I'm laying on my side in the room and the next I'm in recovery. I think most GIs use sedation of some sort. My last one, he required the use of an anesthesiologist because he said I had the max amount of what he could give me without an anesthesiologist and wasn't responding well. I don't remember any of it, though. The prep is definitely the worst part. I don't have any advice for that part. Just try to keep it all down. That's the tricky part for me.

I've been worried about getting clean scopes in the past. After two completely normal scopes, my GI started doubting my diagnosis. So this last one, I was worried it would be normal and he'd say it's IBS. Luckily (or unluckily), it was abundantly clear that I had Crohn's.
kb1 - I had this happen to me. I was on an upswing of my Crohn's and didn't really want to ruin it with a colonoscopy... especially if they weren't going to find something. My doc was able to see how bad it had been though, based on the amount of scar tissue. Now we get to talk about future surgeries though because of the amount of scar tissue. So, I guess even when you're good, there are things to find out.

Oh, and the prep helps being cold and with a straw. My hunny dished out the servings into individual bottles so I wouldn't have to open and pour and smell. Just open the small opening and pop a straw, drink and run! lol

Enjoy.. and remember... it's a great nap! <3 Best wishes


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The other reason to get a scope is to check for pre-cancerous growth/polyps etc and any other changes. I get one done once a year (give or take due to scheduling) - used to be every other year but as I've had this disease for over 30 years it is now yearly.

The prep is the worst part in my opinion - I get the Miralax...having the drink cold is very important.

As for the procedure itself - I get NORA (Non-Operating Room Anesthesia) and don't remember a thing.....first is valium I think? Then phentanol which puts you night-night!.....my doc is nice and doesn't leave much air afterwards either.....

Good luck with everything! Make sure you have some reading material in the bathroom!


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Yes, the caps are neccessary lol. Not everyone suffers with this but get something to be on the safe side. I felt like I was shitting acid - I think the frequent trips to the bathroom caused the skin to break. I've never felt anything like it!

The prep was definitely the worst part. The procedure was fine for me, hardly any discomfort thanks to twilight sedation/pain relief (I think my Flexi-sigs were worse because they don't give you anything) - and I even managed to watch the whole thing and have a little chat with the doctor before being taken to recovery (where I had never been more grateful for a biscuit lol).
prep is definitely the worst part and event hat wasn't so bad. A straw makes it easier to get it all down.

find a movie or something that can really distract you.
Yes the prep is the worst part really, I have done half straw, hold your nose, stand on one foot (whatever gets you through it) bottom line it tastes gross but its not going to kill you.

I have always had conscience sedation for colonscopies so I don't actually remember the procedure which I rather enjoy. I expect that's standard treatment procedure but you can confirm when you arrive to ease your mind about discomfort
The drinking of the solution is the worst part by far. As almost everybody has said, one minute you're laying there, the next you're in recovery. Good luck!
thanks for the tips everyone although right now im having trouble trying to keep the prep down i have drunk around 50ml of it out of 2 litres i have to take tonight and have thrown up alot more than ive drunk... even the tiniest sip sets me off again eughhh i wish i could just get to the shitting part
Before you are about to go to the room for it all, use the bathroom, just in case so there isn't any liquid down there.

The day of your prep do only the clear liquids, miralax and ducolax are better than all the other stuff, no taste, can be added to any of the clear liquids and does not affect the taste. Also when you keep checking the "return" in the toilet and it is all clear liquid you have done all you can do. When I was in the hospital and had to do the go-lyte (someones warped sense of humor that named that stuff) I knew I had had nothing but clear liquids so as soon as the "returns" were clear for a couple of times the rest of the go-lyte ended up in the sink (the nurses get nervous if you don't finish and in the case of my daughter when she was in they came after her with enemas and boy did she suffer) I forgot to share my secret with her.
Some might disagree with this advice but I read the medical report that the Dr. made said all was clear and no comments about fecal material.


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yup - I only drink until the results are clear...and good advice on the diet beforehand.....routine here is a clear liquid diet the day before - good idea to eat lightly a day or two before that to encourage an easier time with the prep (less to clear out)....

I should be scheduling my next one for sometime in September.....when I was in for my last remicade they were only scheduling up through August.....joy oh joy....,.
I was going clear 2 out of 3 times so decided to have half my last lot of prep- and a whole lot more brown stuff came out! So be really sure you are running clear (or as clear as you can) before stopping as it can be deceptive.

Yes, do let us know how it goes!
i finished the prep 4 hours ago and my appointments in an hour.. still have only gone to the toilet about 4 times since last night :S
let us know how you get on Kb1. hope all goes well now the worst (as far as we are all concerned i thinkg- the prep-) is over
You guys were right the prep is definitely the worst. Was awake during the procedure but sedated using Midazolam 1.5mg IV and 50mcg of fentanyl so i didnt really feel much apart from a bit of pain going round corners and when a man basically sat on my stomach to try and make it the right shape haha but got to watch it all on the screen which was pretty cool as he explained it all to me. He found 2 ulcers in the "distal sigmoid colon" and the ileo-caecal valve. there was also patchy oedema throughout the colon and ileal inflammation. lol so basically overall he said it looked good not normal but he was happy with it. Confirmed the diagnoses of crohns and that it is currently "mildly active involving the whole colon". Also took 10 biopsies but wont know about them for a wee while.
Wow you got to see the whole thing! and got loads of info after. I didn't get any info like that at all just a diagnosis of Crohns. Anyway I'm glad that its over for you now....well for another while anyway
I've witnessed enough of my scopes in the past, I'm schedule for 7am EST Thursday the 4th and I've opted for propathol.... nighty night!

KB1 I'm glad you made it though the prep and the procedure!