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Colonoscopy Tomorrow, question

Ok, so I go in tomorrow for the test, Colonoscopy and endososcopy.

As far as the biobsy goes, it will take about a week to see the results
of what I may have right?

So im looking at about a week and a half to 2 weeks to start getting tretment providing they find a positive result in something?

So the procedure is
test - hospital,
GI visit following week for results,
treatment/medication then ....feel better... right?
firstly, good luck tomorrow.

well, yes, in theory it could be that quick, depending on when you get to see your GI following the tests. if you're lucky enough to already have an appointment within the next fortnight, or can make one in that time, then i don't see why you shouldn't be on some meds or other from that point, as you say providing they see a definite cause for your symptoms.

if you are very lucky, you may get a friendly doctor carrying out the procedures who may tell you what he sees, or even shows you on the monitor. but he won't be able to tell you a true diagnosis until biopsy results are back.

hope it all goes well - keep us posted.
Thanks alot..

I dont have a GI app. booked in as yet. The hospital staff told me on the phone
that they will make one on the day after the tests.

So i guess maybe I could be up for alittle more of a wait then a week.
But i was hoping it would be the following week.

Been a tough year this one.
Good luck, I did a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy at the same time as well. They took biopsies too. That was pretty much conclusive for what I have. (Crohns)

I won't lie, it took the medication they gave me took a week to kick in...
So I guess realisticly im looking at 2 weeks to see GI, 3rd week of meication
then hopefully begin to feel effect of treatment if succesful by 4 weeks.

I gotta anylise everything at this stage cos ive just had enough
of feeling the way i do. And if I can prepare myself with time then
ive got a goal to work towards.
Good luck with your colonoscopy!

I just got my diagnosis in October. I went in for my colonoscopy on a Thursday, doc took biopsies during the colonoscopy and started me on medication immediately. A week later I went in for an office visit, got my biopsy results and was diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis.

I know my diagnosis sounds easy but I've been experiencing symptoms for 18 years now. I had a colonoscopy done 6 years ago that showed nothing and I believe I was in remission back then. This time I had all my tests done during my worst flare up ever and I think that helped with diagnosis.
Good luck! Based on what they saw in the colonoscopy they put me on meds that day. They knew for sure it was IBD and suspected Crohn's. The meds do take a while to get into your system.
Ok so I just got home from hospital.. feeling alittle woozy still lol..

Was out fo all the procedure, cant remember any of it, The Dr. wrote on a note for me:

All clear, No Cancer, No Ulcers, No Colitis, No Visible Crohn's
They gave me an appointment to see the GI specialist in 3 weeks, which is longer then i was hoping for. But im gunna ring and try and get in on a cancellation or a lunch app or something earlier.

Sucks in a way, having nothin visible, while experiencing the symptons and losing 19kg's since January I was hoping for something.

But i guess its with the biopsy's now. And hopefully something gets detected that i can treat.

Thanks for all your support too. Really apreciate it.
thats really kind of the consultant to give you the reassuring news on the actual day of the test! glad they went ok, and you weren't aware of any discomfort, Simo.

it is good news - much better for them to say "all clear" than anything else, but yes i do understand your frustration that the symptoms must be caused by something. let's hope the docs put you on some medication or other based on the symptoms you have, and not so much based on test results.
Frankly from what I've seen most of us come back with negative colonoscopies most of the time. But, that's not always the case. You may be into your 3rd or 4th colonoscopy when your doctor breaks the news to you that you've got ulcers running the entire length of your colon. I'm getting to the conclusion that for most of us, most of the time, crohn's is active in the small intestine and then comes down to the large intestine during bad flare-ups. The small intestine is where we seem to get our day to day symptoms. Constipation/diarrhea for example are small intestinal fluid absorption issues. Strictures are far more of a threat in the small intestine, malabsorption comes from there, fistulas start most often in or just behind the ileum, etc.

I think crohn's has really only been looked at as a disease of the colon because that's all we've had the scopes to look at until very recently when the pill cam became available. It should be considered (with exceptions, of course, as crohn's can go anywhere) as primarily a small intestinal disease and the small intestine should be the area most focused on for those of us without crohn's colitis.
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I had my first colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. I was pretty doped up but I was able to watch the video screen as the doctor did it and he was explaining what he saw as he went. The procedure itself was totally painless, though the preparatory laxative was harsh. After I had a little while to regain my senses the doctor came back and gave me a quick synopsis of what he saw. Two weeks later there was another appointment where he went over the biopsies and final results. Unfortunately the news during this meeting was worse than what he said right after the procedure, but that's just my "bum" luck. Good luck with your procedure.


Well I had a GI visit booked in for 3 weeks from today, however ive managed
to get in next tuesday, and I also pre booked ahead the following week,
just to make sure I get some answers..

So we'll see how we go.
MyGI gave me a script for Pentasa before leaving the hospital after my colonoscopy. I have not gotten my biopsy results back yet but been on meds for a week now. Maybe your GI will put you on something right away.
good luck,
Get my biopsy results and see my GI this tuesday.
Hopefully this appointment leads somewhere,
my GI told me last time that
"maybe it will just go away on it's own"

Which I wasnt real impressed with.