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Colonoscopy tomorrow su-prep question

Well, later today Suprep and tomorrow am hopefully have some answers. At least this time around I’m not already sick. I cancelled last one because I knew I would end up admitted for fluids. I was a little shocked last night when I put on some dress pants I bought literally a month ago the 14. There was enough room in the hips and butt to grab a full fist of fabric? I haven’t lost but maybe a couple pounds but this worries me. I’m not exactly huge, but I have been a good size 16 for a lot of years, VERY uncommon for things to get looser, but lately that’s how it tends to be. The last big issue in like gosh, late fall, October ish, i lost 11 lbs in two or so weeks. Just felt bad, slept a lot, lots of cramps and diarrhea. Fun stuff. A couple smaller bouts since then where I lost about six. I typically regain it back though, no issues there. But I’m not easy to lose it, esp if I’m dieting, lol. Does anyone remember mixing suprep with water and chilling before? I think that’s what I understood Surgeon to say? Is it ok to mix and put in fridge early in the day? Thanks!
I think that’s fine. The suprep has less vile stuff to drink if I remember correctly. So you can do whatever you need to in order to drink it! Good luck!
Thanks Jabee! I’ve been hiding from food all day lol. I appreciate the reply! I hope tomorrow provides answers. This is OLD.
Thanks for posting this question Farmgirl as I will be using the Suprep towards the end of the month for my scope on the 23rd of February. Thanks for responding Jabee with the information. Hope you find answers tomorrow Farmgirl71!