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Colonoscopy tomorrow!!

Hi all,

Well go for another scope tomorrow morning. Just started the prep... YAH!! Not :)

Wish me luck that all goes well not only with the scope but getting the prep down as well.. have struggle each time and end up only getting 1/3 of the required amount down!

Also fingers cross the scope comes back clear and I can remain on the natural route of no meds!! Wouldn't that be nice :)
Don't envy you taking the prep - ugh! But hope you get the all clear and can be med free!!!! Let us know what they say.


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New York, USA
Hope all went well...which prep does your Dr have you use? Used to go the go-lytely route, makes me SICK.....current doc has me use the Miralax in gatorade.....still makes me sick, but not as quickly!