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Colonoscopy tomorrow.....

Just venting .... Yet another colonoscopy tomorrow, just 3.5 months after my small bowel resection, to look at my large bowel. At least I'll get some answers because not much has changed since my op!

Just about to start the prep...,bluurrrgggghhhhhh! Wish me luck!


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Good luck! I hope prep goes as well as it can and isn't too awful. What prep are you doing? Hopefully this will be worthwhile and you'll get some answers as to what's going on. Hang in there!
Thanks Cat :) it's blooming awful! It's called moviprep, every time I take a sip it makes squirm! I don't remember it being this bad, mind you it's not something you want to remember lol! Can't believe I've got to do another litre in the morning, god help me.

Thanks for your support :)