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Colonoscopy - with an audience

I had an interesting experience last Saturday. I needed a repeat colonoscopy to try and resolve a conflict between an MRI scan and a previous scoping. In order to get a quick appointment I was asked if I minded having an audience...

I've found keeping a diary of these procedures really valuable for referring to at a later date and jog my memory of what we discussed. Here the entry - http://www.wrestlingtheoctopus.com/plan-for-the-worst/
Very interesting! I too only saw the biopsies being taken on my scope last week for the first time, you hit the nail on the head with the crocodile clip! As I was seeing it on the screen I think I could feel a slight tickle but nothing more. I was also very achy for 2 days afterwards, I'm not sure if this was because I was under less sedation than usual or if it was the 30 biopsies taken!
30 biopsies! I only had 4. I only ached for a day afterwards. Think it was the amount of gas they used to inflate the gut and the length of time the scope was in there
Yep, 30! I was shocked too!

They only took 6 last year when I was diagnosed, I would say I was more full of air after that one than this time so that's what makes me wonder if it's the biopsies. I had the scope last Thursday and it was only Monday really that my tummy wasn't achy and unsettled. Hey ho, luck of the draw I suppose!

I also became aware of a gathering crowd during my first scope when the sedation wore off towards the end and I was in pain. Very surreal! I swear there were only 3 people in the room when I was sedated and when I woke up it was about 12! Weird....
I lived with TI Crohn's for 30 years before I had to have it removed. Been on no Crohn's medication ever since. Hoping that the result of the biopsies will not change that