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Colonoscopy with fissures advice?

Hi all - I’m having my first colonoscopy the week after next for suspected IBD. I’m feeling extra anxious about it because I have now started having some trouble with painful anal fissures. Have been using diltiazem cream, zinc, warm soaks etc but they don’t seem to be healing. Will this make the scope more unpleasant? I am having procedural sedation (fentanyl/midazolam) but am a bit nervous about how well it will work, as I had that combo a few years ago for a bronchoscopy and woke up in a panic partway through... I am also Autistic, which I think affects how I react to medication.. Any advice on how to make this as comfortable an experience as possible? Thanks so much!


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New York, USA
Make sure you convey your concerns and past issues with waking up to your doctor and the anesthesiologist.....you should be given enough sedation so that you don't feel pain during the scope.