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Colonoscopy worries

colonoscopy worries

Well, that time has come. C-day... I have my colonoscopy at 8am on Tuesday June 9. Prep starts tomorrow at 8am... thankfully I have been given the Pico-Salax/dulcolax prep, which I have read is the best one of the bunch (still not going to be fun, though!!)

I am **extremely** nervous! I've had one c-scope before, and I was already admitted to hospital so I just went along with it... This time around, being an outpatient, is a little different... I was able to find someone to take me to the appointment (thank god!), but it's my ex-husband, which I am a little nervous about. We met for the first time this weekend after separating a year and a half ago... Things went really well (hence his offering to take me to the appt - or else I would have had to get the scope with no meds - yikes!), but I'm worried about what might come out of my mouth while I am on the drugs.

I think the worst part of this is going to be the fasting and prep tomorrow... I'm still on prednisone, so not being able to eat when I have such a huge appetite is going to be torture. But also, since I am still on the pred, does this mean the GI won't see any or as much inflammation? Does it defeat the purpose of having a colonoscopy if I am still on steroids?

Anyways... I'm going to be stuck at home for the next 48 hours, so I'll be checking in a lot!!
Good luck!

I have one coming up the 24th and like you, I've only ever had one and it was in an emergency situation in which I just went with it.

Nervous... yes. My prep is a bottle of Miralax though, so I'm not worried about that.
Ms Sick &Tired
I don't blame you for being scared or nervous. I am always nervous. As for being hungry what I did was buy my favorite jello not red or purple( mine was lemon)
disolve it in some water put it in the microwave completely disolve it and add some ice and drink it straight down it seemed to satisfy my hunger, Orange popsicles are also good too. Just do your prep, try to go with the flow. I took some Xanax I had from awhile back. Not the morning of but the night before. If you are hard to sedate keep your eyes open and act with it as long as you can
and they will keep sedating you a little more at the time. If you are really, really hard to sedate ask for anesthesia. That's what my doc did for me and I don't remember a thing. I hope this helps I will be thinking of you on the 9th and will say a prayer all goes well.
Katie Sue,
I will also be thinking of you and say a prayer that all goes well for you. Read what I wrote about the sedation in reply to Ms S&T. Good luck to you I hope everything is OK.


mum with a dogdy tum
secdation is ok. you can still hear what is going on around you. but will forget many things. which is why they ask you not to do anything important for 24hrs. like sign papers, that sort of thing.
when i had my c scope, i thought i was ok and went to the bank to get some money out, then went to the post office to pay my bills. i have no memory of paying my bills. when i went back into the bank the following week, the lady in my bank asked if i was ok lasst week as i didnt look too good!!!
sharon xx
Hello MsSickandTired and KatieSue,

I already sadi prayers for you but i will keep you in them. It is ok to be scared. It doesn't mattr how many times you have medical stuff it is always scary. At elast for me it is. The thing I liked best about a colonoscopy was havign an empty stomach and bowel. Nothing in there to irritate it.

Take care,
So, the prep begins! I took 2 dulcolax this morning and am going to drink the Pico Salax in about 15 mins. Nervous about what it's going to taste like.

My instructions say no red or purple jello or juice. Other instructions I've read on the net also say no blue jello. What is the reason for this?

I'm also worried about not being 'cleaned out' enough... How will I know when I'm empty? Will I stop going, or will I keep going but it will be clear?
Hey, good luck.

Don't worry if you're not entirely cleaned out, just do your best. As long as there's not too much up there, I believe the endoscope has a mini little vacuum on it. Or so I've heard. Stuff usually just stops coming out for me after a while anyway though, even if I feel like I need to go.

I was also on Prednisone during my most recent colonoscopy prep, and I was really hungry before the colonoscopy. But then the funny thing is, after the procedure, my prednisone appetite suddenly went away. I think my stomach shrank from not eating too, because ever since that colonoscopy, I get full an awful lot faster.
Thanks, procyon, I am going to keep my fluids up and hopefully be nice and clean! It would be wonderful if I also lost my prednisone appetite!

I gulped down the Pico Salax about half an hour ago. It tasted pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing happening yet but I anticipate in about an hour or so that will be a different story. Noticed a little bit of blood in my BM earlier this morning... I hope my scope shows some inflammation, I would hate to go through all of this to have it come back clear.

I feel sleepy but I am going to stay awake, hopefully try to go to bed early tonight (have to be at the hospital for 7am, that means up before 6!!)
good luck today ms s&t!

the reason for no purple or red jello is that the dyes can sometimes stain your intestines. so they might look super red to the docs when its really just food coloring!
ive never heard no blue food though....maybe theyve found that that can stain too. the blue jello IS pretty dark, always leaves your toungue blue. ive always had blue gatorade though.
Well, it's over! They said they gave me 200 mcg of Fentanyl and 10 mg Versed... but I was awake the whole time, I knew what was going on and felt a lot of discomfort. The nurses said those were pretty high dosages but I was alert and ready to go 15 mins after the procedure was done (but had to stay 30 mins just to be sure)... Passed a lot of gas afterwards and now my bum still hurts. The prep was SO AWESOME compared to what I've done in the past... Pico Salax rules! :) Thanks for all your wishes and support - truly the hardest part of the colonoscopy are the days leading up to the actual procedure. I'm so glad it's over now.

Ohh, what I thought was really cool was that I got pictures right away... apparently there is no sign of 'active inflammation'... but they did take 11 biopsies. I'm hoping that now the results are in, I can start the Cimzia trial, my first dose is scheduled for June 17.
glad to hear that you made it through ok
blah that ou were awake though. ive been out for all of mine, and im happy with that. i dont envy you all that have been concious.
if theres no active inflammation then why would you start the cimzia now? are you flaring, but it doesnt show so on the scope?
thanks, kello!

yeah, i am still having symptoms but they are relatively mild since i am still on prednisone... which is why i am guessing there was no visible inflammation, i've been on the steroids for 4 months now. as soon as i taper below 20mg my symptoms get worse, so i need some sort of medication to help me off of it, and i've already tried aza and 6MP. in order to be part of the cimzia study, i needed a recent colonoscopy... yeah, they might delay my participation in the study if i don't have enough inflammation i guess... we'll see, i'm still pretty sleepy right now, but the nurse is supposed to call me tomorrow to discuss it.
ohhh i see. i forgot that you were on the steroids...yeah i think that would explain the "lack" of inflammation then.
hope that they take that into consideration and it doesnt hinder your ability to get the cimz though.


mum with a dogdy tum
did you see your inssides on the screen? i did and it was great becasue i could compare it to the last scope. and the pictures i put in my "blue day book" this is a book i have and when i feel sad or low in mood , i look at this book and see the things i have been through and recovered from. this cheers me up.
sharon xx