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Hi All,

Well I finally have a date for my colonoscopy, 8th of June is D day (pun intended, with the bowel prep I'm sure there'll be plenty of D!!) I'm a nurse and have prepped many people for scopes, bit weird being on the other side! Dreading it but also looking forward to getting it done and getting some firm answers....slightly embarressing as I used to hang out socially with my GI when I was a new grad and he was a registrar!

I have been feeling better the last month or so, still have the D but fatigue has been a lot better....until yesterday! Every joint in my body was screaming, new crop of red lumps on my legs, D worse than it has been for the last few weeks... slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon then another 11 hours overnight....to all you seasoned chronies does this sound like a flare? I gave in this morning and took some nurofen, I know it's not the best thing with IBD but was desperate and it's seems to have really helped and feeling a bit better today....is this how flares go? never know when They're going to pop up and take you down?


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Yes, you never know when. The symptoms differ from person to person so I can't really say what's "normal" for Crohn's. For me though, being tired is normal along with flu like symptoms, diarrhea etc. I'll think that I have the flu usually but if it doesn't go away after about a week then that's when I get concerned and contact doctors. If I start bleeding though, then I immediately call my GI while I go to the ER. That's not a normal symptom for me and mostly for everyone out there. I'll never understand why some people don't get it treated right away. Anyway, bleeding and vomiting are what I get treated ASAP if it comes way out of left field.
I don't really have much to add, other than good luck with the wet and wild test! Hope it goes well. Been there more times than I like to think. Yesterday saw this article that gave me a chuckle. Kind of like an average visit to the GI specialist, after a colon test, I was thinking. :rof:

Hope your experience isn't like this poor fellows. Of course it is a little different on where the tubing made its entrance.

"Man Turns to 'Human Balloon' After Falling on Air Hose"

OMG yes! I live in NZ, heard about him on the news....freak accident, poor man!! But funny...hopefully my GI hasn't had too many fantas and manages to find the right entry point!!:ylol: