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Colonoscopy ?

colonoscopy ?

I have to have a colonoscopy the 18th, my second exactly to the day in a 6 month period. Ugh. My dr gives me golytely. Just wondering if anybody knows why, when everybody else seems to use miralax and it seems not as bad as golytely. thanks
My scope from just this past Thursday was my first on Golytely after using the miralax prep for the last several ones. What made this prep particularly fun was it was a split dose... drink 2 liters, go to bed, then wake at 3 AM for the 2nd 2 liters. I wish I knew the difference between the preps and why GI's choose them the way they do.

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ugh...I'd rather be admitted and given an NG tube than drink the go-lytely again....

Why don't you check with your doctors' office and see if you can do the iralax prep instead?.....honestly, even thinking about it is making me ready to gag- to me the go-lytely is that bad....but the miralax I can get almost all of it down, and it stays down!
lol... all I can say is that it ruined lemonade for me. I also had a hard time keeping it down. I think I will call and find out why I have to use golytely. thanks!
Well two reasons. First could be he doesn't beleive in the miralax prep(this is the case if you've never had that before) and 2 he needs your colon as clean as possible.

I've had golytyly which wasn;t as bad as the second prep I had. I could chug a glass or two of that then chase it with sprite or another clear liquid. The send prep had flavor packets and I wasn;t allowed any chasers just the prep. I hadn;t eaten anything except liquid for two days anyway and it made me vomet sooo...that was fun. Either way I watched the progression of my disease from my first scope to my first ct scan then the scond ct scan then my last scope. lol
I agree the golytely is awful, probably the worse ever. My favorite if I can say I have a favorite is the pico salex, and I've tried most of them. All it is a simple pouch you drink in a cup that taste like tang then over a 3 hour period you drink 2 litres of water. 1 pouch one day and the other the next. I found it was pretty easy.
The only one I can tolerate now is Picolax. The rest I just vomit them up which just ruins everything.
The only one I can tolerate now is Picolax. The rest I just vomit them up which just ruins everything.
I wasn't aware that we had a choice on the NHS? I've had Picolax every time (4), it just did it's job and cleared me out last time (Monday just gone) but the time before that I was doubled over in agony with all the gas building up.

Horrible stuff, it's like super strong lemonade with battery acid thrown in.
I've had both. The Miralax is the best for me. GoLytely tastes horrible, but to me it's not as bad as the Magnesium Citrate bottle. I think part of the reason everyone else says the Miralax is better is the lack of the taste and the option that you can mix it with many different liquids so the person can tailor it to what's best for them. I use Gatorade which pretty much allows me to take the whole prep and not vomit it up, which I think any doctor will say is better than losing the prep and having to start all over.
I cant do the liquids as they taste so terrible that I cant keep em down. I had one about a month ago and was able to take pills call Osmoprep. It was the most wonderful thing possible (given what it does, lol). You have to drink a lot of water while taking them to ensure they do the job thoroughly.
Can't remember what I had for flexi-sig, but had Klean Prep for colonoscopy. Never again. They all do the same thing but it tasted sooooooooo bad, and I had to have 2 litres in 4 hours, then another litre at 6am.

If I have to have another one in the future, they will have to give me something else or I won't have the test.
Matt645, yes there is a bit of choice. Klear Prep, Fleet & Picolax. I can get by on Picolax but the others as I said before just end up all over the floor usually.
I just had a colonoscopy today. I used Moviprep yesterday. It was awful. So, so nasty and you have to drink 2 liters of it. (I had to have one at 12pm and 6pm)

If I ever have to have another one I'm going to beg for some kind of pills.
Well done pancakemaker for sticking with it. I used to dread the prep but now I know I can get by on Picolax then I'm far more relaxed.