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Colonsoscopy-could not see into small bowel?!?!?

So I had a colonoscopy done this afternoon. I was pretty sedated so I don't remember much. Doc came to speak to me (VERY BRIEFLY) said that he could not get far into the terminal Illeum (which was where I was very diseased in the past) He said he got in a little bit, but there was too much inflammation or swelling (maybe he said both, not sure) to get a look. He told me to sleep off the sedation (as I was probably looking a little woozy) and that he would talk to me in the office about it. Also said to continue with my meds. The nurse later told me that there was inflammation throughout my large bowel (this is new for me).
Can anyone tell me what this could mean for me? My appointment is not for 3 weeks so I am assuming it can't be THAT bad. I was expecting more info. HELP!!! Thanks
hiya, the nurse might have got it wrong so try not too worry, they usually send the results to your GP straight away so maybe ask them if your worried. Did they take biopsies? thats maybe why your appointment is for a couple of weeks time so they have the results. try not to worry
I got the same news after my colonoscopy earlier this month. Apparently my colon has many twists and turns and my GI had a difficult time maneuvering around and stopped just short of my small bowel. I'm going for a CT Enterography this fall to check out my small bowel. A nurse shouldn't be telling you results, so try not to worry too much although I'd feel the same way you do if I had to wait 3 weeks after hearing that. Did your doctor talk to whoever brought you? I hardly remember seeing my GI after my procedure and had to rely on my wife for what the GI reported.

My fingers are crossed for ya!
Thank you very much for the reassurance. My fear is having surgery. I've never been in this rough of shape! Although, I am still able to continue with my daily activities. It hasn't stopped me yet, so I guess I am very lucky in that way. The nurse/doc did not talk to my dad (who came with me) They are so vague. Maybe it's a canadian thing. THey rarely come to talk to you at all even after the procedure, so I was surprised they even gave me any info at all! Thanks again, I love this forum as I NEED this kind of support/ressaurance from ppl who KNOW!