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Colostomy reversal

I have Crohn's disease and about a year ago I developed anal cancer.After chemo and radiation I am thankfully cancer free.My problem is I now have a colostomy,actually this is the second one,the first leaked so much I couldn't get out of bed and this one is not much better.I hate it,I can't go anywhere because after several embarrassing leaks in public, I just stay at home.I desperately want a reversal,chemo and radiation damaged my insides to where I couldn't control my bowls.My surgeon told me a colostomy would be great for me ,WRONG,I AM MISERABLE.I have tried everything,seen doctors,nurses and nothing has worked to make me stop leaking,I would rather wear a diaper than live like this.The surgeon that did the colostomy moved to Miami.Has anyone else had this problem?
Now on top of all that my gastro doc says he thinks I also have Bile Salt Diarrhea from having my gallbladder removed,I have never heard of that nor told it was a possibility.How many diarrhea's can one person have?


Oh dear. Well, there are things to do to thicken that up. Psyllium Husks, banana are two that help me alot.

Thats why I'm abit worried about a reversal on me, because I have alot of the big D. Even with eating and taking things that thicken output.
In addition to what Misty suggested, there are also meds you can take to help with bile salt diarrhea: Questran, WelChol, Colestid are a few of the names.

A lot of people here have had their gallbladder removed, including myself, and have had to deal with this. I still have a tendency for diarrhea with greasy or spicy foods, but the bile salt diarrhea was more prominent in the first couple of years after having my gallbladder out.
I'm so sorry about hearing you being diagnosed with cancer and I wish I could be more of a help with the bag. I am always so scared of my disease getting so bad that I will need surgery or more steroids. What type of symptoms did you have with your anal cancer if you don't mind me asking?? I hope you find the answers you are looking for soon, the best of luck!!
EMohn,I had a growth on the outside of my rectum which I ignored for a long time,I thought it was just another abscess,I have had so many of them,some drained on their own and others I had to have surgery to open them up.Anyway,I started having a lot of rectal pain so I went to my dr. and he looked at it and sent me to a colorectal surgeon.The surgeon did a biopsy and I had stage 2 anal cancer,thank God I didn't wait any longer to have it checked.My chemo doc told me all those abscesses caused the cancer,that's why I can't stress enough that if you have a lot of anal abscesses to have it checked,I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy.