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Colostrum again

I am aware that there are some old threats, so that's why I'm starting a new one:

I have tried 3 teaspoons of bovine colostrum yesterday (still have plenty of it, wanted to try it in the past, bought a good quality one and spent toooo much money on it), didn't do anything for me in the past, probably even worsened my symptoms.

So today I have more inflammation in my joints, gut-wise I can't feel a clear difference (some pain currently, but might result from something else). My fingers react very quickly, are a good indicator and they were way better yesterday than today.

I read that colostrum might not make sense for Crohn's as it's known for pushing Th0 cells to Th1. In Crohn's we already have too much Th1 activity, only in colitis Th2 is too active.

I won't give it a try so soon again I think, will at least wait a few days until my joints get better.

What do you think / did you read / did you hear about Crohn's and colostrum?

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In theory it /breastmilk is suppose to reduce the risk of crohns
My Ibd kiddo got plenty of colostrum and breastmilk (19 months ) and still had signs of Gi disease at 13 days old
He wasn't offically dx with crohns till age 7
So while I think diet /gut biome etc plays a role I don't think that would help him
Thank you, my little penguin!

Meanwhile I can definitely say that the bovine colostrum powder made me feel way worse, especially my joints but also my gut.
So, at least for me, it is pro-inflammatory. This is also suggested from study results, as it helps improving Th1, which is even too strong in Crohn's but not in Colitis.
Still, it remains unclear (from my experience and from study results) why it does help some people with Crohn's as well (even if just a few persons; placebo?).

I will stay away from it now because this was way too much inflammation in my body. Waiting until things settle down soon hopefully.

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With crohns there are so many genes over 100 and phenotypes that although we call it one disease
It more than likely has quite a few subtypes which behave differently
Sorta like JIA is the umbrella term and
JSpA is not the same as AS or even RA
Oh, really? So many genes? I only know of these NOD-2-things (?). That makes even more sense now that is only helps very few with Crohn's.
Thank you, my little penguin. :)

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Through the Genetics Initiative, we hope to someday connect the dots of discovery and uncover new opportunities for curing or preventing the onset of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

163 genes associated with IBD have been discovered, but their functions are unknown.


Understand the function of these genes in normal and IBD patients
Group patients into clinically relevant subtypes based on their genetic makeup
Find gene pathways that will form good targets for design of new drugs to treat IBD
Understand how IBD-associated genes increase risk of developing disease – this information can be used to develop strategies to prevent disease


The only Colostrum that I have seen work is Immune Tree. The others are mostly milk. Immune Tree collects during the first 6 hrs. New Zealand companies often collect up to 72 hrs, which means its mostly milk. A friend of mine just started the Immune Tree and was able to eat for the first time in over a week. If you tried any other brand without success, it might be the quality of the product you tried.
Soy consciente de que existen algunas amenazas antiguas, por eso estoy comenzando una nueva:

Probé 3 cucharaditas de calostro bovino ayer (todavía me sobra, quise probarlo en el pasado, compré uno de buena calidad y gasté demasiado dinero en él), no me hizo nada en el pasado, probablemente incluso empeoró mis síntomas.

Así que hoy tengo más inflamación en mis articulaciones, en el intestino no puedo sentir una diferencia clara (algo de dolor actualmente, pero podría deberse a otra cosa). Mis dedos reaccionan muy rápido, son un buen indicador y estaban mucho mejor ayer que hoy.

Leí que el calostro podría no tener sentido para Crohn's ya que es conocido por empujar las células Th0 a Th1. En la enfermedad de Crohn ya tenemos demasiada actividad Th1, solo que en la colitis Th2 es demasiado activa.

Creo que no volveré a intentarlo tan pronto, al menos esperaré unos días hasta que mis articulaciones mejoren.

¿Qué piensas / leíste / escuchaste sobre la enfermedad de Crohn y el calostro?
Hola!. Y cómo podemos relajar la actividad de las células Th1?