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combination therapy

Hey everyone ! Hope everyone's doing well.
So I have a question.
My diagnosis was due to an emergency right hemicolectomy as I was suffering from an abcess at the time (2016)
Ever since I ve been treated with azathioprine, (175mg).
Things were fine , I was having my regular scopes usually once or twice a year.
I have no symptoms thankfully after that surgery , so there was a debate wether I should move to biologics or not.
The head doctor of my ibd team was discussing about adalimumab monotherapy 1 year ago depending to my symptoms or the endoscopic findings.
The ibd team changed and the new doc , found 4 deep ulcers during the last colonoscopy.
We just added to the 175mg azathioprine dose hyrimoz injections (every two weeks ).
He said that this combination enhances the action of the biologic but due to the increased risk of lymphoma he wouldn't recommend for more than up to a year.
We are going to discuss it again in 6 months after my scheduled colonoscopy.
I'm really afraid of the malignancy risk it bothers me so much every day that I'm might doing harm to my self by accepting this situation.
What are your opinions guys about this situation?
Has anyone experience with something similar ?
waiting for your precious comments.

my little penguin

Staff member
Aza by itself is the increased lymphoma risk
The biosimilar to humira has minimal risk from what we were told
Wait for the scopes
But 6-12 months of immunosuppressant such as aza or 6-mp was common for a long time
Methotrexate can be used as well and has a lower lymphoma risk
My child has been on methotrexate plus biologics for many years

humira plus mtx(5 years )
And the past 6 years of Stelara plus mtx
Good luck 🍀