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Combo therapy? (infliximab and azathioprine)


Hey folks -- looks like the forum got a little spruced up since the last time I was here!

Anyone out there on combination therapy with infliximab (Remicade) and azathioprine (Imuran)? Have you had success with it? I've been on 10mg/kg of Inflectra (an infliximab biosimilar) about 8 months, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick on its own, so I'm hoping that adding azathioprine will do the trick. Any insights or personal experiences would be much appreciated.
I am on Remicade, and I was doing Remicade and 6mp at the same time for a while. The Remicade does most of the heavy lifting while the Imuran or 6mp or any other immunosuppressant helps lower the chances of anti-bodies being formed to the Remicade. After about 6 months of doing the combo, my doctor took me off the 6mp.


Has anyone out there started 6MP or aza after they had already started on Remicade, or did you start both at the same time?

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Ds was on 6-mp prior to remicade it went to his liver so could not continue
But when he was in humira for about 1-2 years the docs did add methotrexate ( he developed JIA and humira needed a boost )

He is still on Stelara now with methotrexate when humira stopped working
I was on imuran + remicade for ~6 yrs. Overall worked well, been in remission majority of the time. Recently worked with my GI to do a trial of stopping imuran. Only been 2 months so far, but we’ll see.
I take both also. I also took the aza with humira and when I changed primary meds ( had anti bodies) continued with aza- so started remicade with aza at same time. on both about 2 years now. aza does not improve the remicade it just lowers the chances of anti-bodies being formed to the Remicade as I have been instructed.