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Completely freaked out by what I read about parasites...pleae help, long time with strange symptons.

Hi all, I found myself here because I have not had a normal bowel movement in over a year, I deal with cramping, constipation, fatigue. I will be forward- I have what looks like black pepper flakes or black chia seeds in my stool, and I though it was becasue of my diet-I am vegan and eat a fair amount of veggies and use pepper-but stopped chia seeds as they expand in by stomach--and I am completely freaked out by the fact that I may have parasites. I know it is worth a trip to the Dr, which I have been putting off for a long time, but does any one think this is the immediate cause? Parasites?

Lady Organic

Staff member
Hi Betty and welcome. Im sorry about your issues. before my Crohn's diagnosis, I had the same thought as you are having: ''I have a parasite''. Seems like a common thought when we have GI issues! Considering your symtoms, it is true a medical visit is important. Fonctional issue such as irritable bowel syndrome is very common in the population and hopefully you only have this. have your issues started at the same time you changed your diet? About those black flakes... Could they be old blood from upper GI track? If this is your feeling, it would be very important to analyse a sample. I would suggest you take a clear picture to show to the doctor so that the doctor is motivated to prescribe the screening kit to you.
I would suggest getting a Metagenics GI Effects stool test. My understanding is its one of the better tests for parasites.

We all have them. Its a matter of what you have out of the ordinary and how much.

Good luck.