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Complicated TTC and period muddle.

Hi everyone,
I am on Aza and Pentasa, currently not flaring.
Came off Pred in March, although I am not actively TTC.
I am currently unprotected, my period usually falls on the 16th of every month.
No period as yet, although it's only the 19th.
But I took a test and it was negative.
I also heard that you can't conceive on Aza, is that right?

Serious mixed messages, if anyone can help shed some light on any of the points raised would be great.


Agreed with Orchid. It's just that you shouldn't. Methotrexate is the only one that I think actively effects your ability to conceive, since it's also used in combination with another medication to terminate pregnancies.

Your period may just be irregular because of your illness. That happens to me when I get sick.


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There are very mixed views about this .

I'm not sure if Aza could affect your fertility, but it can sometimes have affects on an unborn baby.

However, it is generally thought that being on medications is better than having an active flare during pregnancy.

It's common for periods to be late sometimes or even change completely, so don't worry too much yet. Also, certain medications and stress can affect your cycle and result in late periods.

If you don't get your period in a week or so and your still concerned, you can take another test, or go and see your GP to get a more accurate test.
Although I can't take aza my dr has explained that not being on any medication and being in an active flare is more of a risk than the medications themselves, apart from methotrexate which can't be taken whilst pregnant or TTC. I found this article on pubmed it has some good stats on the risk. I would speak to your dr so you can go through all of the options available to you and so you feel comfortable with what you are taking.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/24126096/?i=9&from=azathioprine pregnancy

Have you recently stopped some form of contraception like the pill? As it can take a while for your hormones to get back to normal. When I came off the pil it took over 3 months for my period to come back. But like others have said it could be to do with health or other medications too in the past I have missed one or two when I was really sick.
hi, i am 10 weeks pregnant and im on aza and infliximab my consultant has told me to stay on my meds i will b stoppin the infliximab sometime into my pregnancy tho, he said if i stopped my meds then theres a big chance i could flare and then it could cause problems. it was up to me if i carried on takin my meds tho which im carrying on takin as it will b better for me.. we go for the first scan on the 30th apr but everythin has been fine upto now tho :) x