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Conceiving with Crohn's?

I recently stopped taking the pill after about 16 years (1 year ago), and am in better shape than I have been in years. At 37, I am looking to try to conceive! Hopefully before I'm much older. With Crohn's and just one kidney, I'm probably not an ideal candidate for carrying a child to term after age 40. Or so all the docs have told me.

I am wondering how many ladies here have conceived while struggling with Crohn's, and if so, were there Crohn's-related pregnancy complications?

And is there any really good literature out there regarding advice for pregnant Crohnies?
Ah, now that the thread has moved I see others share the same concerns. It hadn't occurred to me to look under pregnancy - I have always thought of pregnant women as aliens, and have never felt a kinship, so it didn't occur to me to look here! ;)
It took me 18 months of trying and I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant (very early, so anything can happen). I was flaring badly during the first 10 months or so until Entyvio got me under control. Get checked out reproductively and you'll be fine. Good luck.
This has always worried me Im not pregnant or going to be anytime soon but I'm always worried about will I be able to get pregnant... Hope it works out for you.
I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant. 22 year old with a severe case of crohn's since I was 15 years old. My baby was not planned at all and I got pregnant after being with my then boyfriend now husband and love of my life for about 2 months. Luckily I already knew he was my soul mate then and he knew the same of me and we are both very excited for our son. So far everything has come back normal with him in terms of development. Around 18 weeks I was hospitalized for a crohn's flare. I had to be put on steroid tapers and pain killers as I needed to get it under control quickly to get him nutrients. I have been off and on with pain killers because of various pains. The bigger he gets the more pressure he puts on all of my digestive organs and it HURTS. I am finally off of them, hopefully for good for the rest of the pregnancy since I do not want to see my baby go through NAS. My illness is semi controlled at the moment but obviously if you can get into remission and stay there you should be fine. If I ever get pregnant again it will be planned out more thoroughly and I will do everything I can to be in the best shape possible. Do be aware because of crohn's you will be considered high risk because we are at risk for preterm labor and low birth weight in particular so I would seek out a high risk specialist from the get go amd preferably one that has experience with crohn's. Good luck to you! I am opting for a c-section so I do not have to worry about tearing and possible infection incase I can't be vigiliant enough in keeping things clean.
I conceived while in a flare. The nice thing is during pregnancy your symptoms usually subside. I received some extra ultrasounds to make sure she was growing and everything was fine until third tri. Then I became pre eclamptic and she weighed only 3 lbs 7 ozs at birth. She also had her cord wrapped around her neck twice and her placenta had sectioned off. My expirience isn't typical, many women conceive and have healthy pregnancies.