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I am taking care of crohn's victim, he doesn't complain or demand anything, he was diagnosis in 2007. He was given meds and sent away. I called the doctor from time to time when he would have his attacks, but the doctor would just call us in creat a bill and give him a different pill and send him home. Again and again this went on until 3yrs later which took a toll on a non complaining person in servere pain. He woke up one day said cry out to me and said, I should just die no one should go through this and have a doctor and pay a doctor which I can't afford , that doesn't help me. So we tried once more and went to the doctor, this time the doctor saw how weak, slim and pale looking. the doctor sent him to take xray and other test. Low and behole he realize my son was extremly bad. Doctor toll us the there is no pill that he can take and work at this time. My heart droped. Today we are on Remicade and he is stable for now and the family is drain with there finance. i know the are companies that help pay for meds and we are in a program fro that now, but is there any foundation that help victims amd families with financial help, like doctor bill, MRI's, hay even toilet paper, can keep enough. We live in Florida. write me back. Thank. Sorry for my spelling:)

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Hi Concern :welcome: poor guy, I cant imagine what is it like to struggle for getting medications...it just isnt fair. I can't help you because I am not from the states. Someone will come here and help you and share their findings with you. Hope you get the answers and quick. Remicade is so expensive. Take care.
Could he switch from Remicade to Humira? I have never been on Remicade so I am not sure about the patient assistance programs available but Humira has an amazing program offering $5 a month medicine supply. I have insurance and was approved, as were many people on here who come from all types of financial situations. I hope someone on Remicade will see your post soon because I think Remicade has a similar program but I'm just not sure. Anyone?
Hi Concern411, I used to be on Remicade for 10 years and several of those years I didn't have any insurance. Remicade's Pharmaceutical company has a program to help. It's called Remicade PPA and the number is 1-866-489-5957. Good luck, I hope they can help!
Thank you so much i will take everyones advice. But with all the money going for research, why why isnt there any foundation out there to assist financially and directly to us victims??? After all when in pain we can't work and pay some bills. "WHY"
My name is Bishnu Prasad Acharya aged 65 born in Nepal. I have been suffering from upset stomach for past many years. I went to different places for treatment. I lost most of my earnings on this disease. But efforts went in vain. At last my son Prakash Acharya (an American citizen) called me here. I have been here in usa since 11/13/2010 having a green card. we came to know that treatment expenditure of here is so high. We could not afford. Treatment procedure became beyond our capacity. One side my son's income couldn't cover my treatment expenditure other side I was a jobless and uninsured person. If I say truly, this disease made me broke. We 5 persons are dependent on one breadwinner (son). We became hopeless and had to stay in pains and sorrows. We were in search of help, assistance program. We learnt about care ring and med assist. They accepted me as a client and began helping me. They were giving me a great help.Really, It was like a boon of God for me. I could get doctor's visit, diagnosis, different tests and medications free of cost. I was so hopeful of life. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease on 2011. Medassist had provided me pentasa, Nexium, clecxa diovan. Entocort sample was given me by the doctor. In this way, I had got very good treatment by the great help of these two benevolent organizations. Suddenly, an adversity befell me. On June 1, I reached 65. Medassist stopped providing medications by thinking of getting medicare. Social Security denied me for medicare. They say that residing should be 5 years.My age has become a curse of life. Now I am deprived of services. Again, painful days started. In search of help, I surfed many websites. So I request you to dispense hope to me by showing me the way to get treatment and medicine help on the ground of humanity.Now under patient assistance program, I am qualified for cimzia. first shot is given to me. I am trying to get medications under assistance program.Until Now I am not getting any informations from the related program. I look forward to hearing you soon.

Best regards
Bishnu Prasad Acharya
No one responded me. I am hopeful of hearing soon from anyone.
Best regards
Bishnu Prasad Acharya.
Hello bishnu. Have you tried finding a low income clinic in the city you reside? Or calling the laboratories that make the medicines you need? I know some of them can provide medicines free of charge if you can not pay for them. Just an idea. I hope you can find help soon.