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Concerned - high FC


Since the beginning of August I’ve struggled with constipation, followed by loose stools. Wouldn’t describe them as watery etc, but on bad days I’m going 4/5 times a day. Maybe number 5 on Bristol Stool Chart.

I’ve pain in my upper and lower abdomen that moves around, a lot of heartburn, feeling sick and sometimes blood in stool.

All my tests so far have been normal, except FC, which was 332. One of the consultants said in a letter sent to me and my GP said that it wasn’t a concern because it’s only moderately high and some times positive tests do not lead to any findings. Even so, this seems pretty high to me?!

I was taking a PPI when I did the test (wasn’t told that could affect the result) but it had only been for a few days. Could that rise my FC level that much? Seems unlikely to me.

Have an appt booked in with a gastro specialist in 10 days, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions. Been going on a while now - the pain/worry is starting to take its toll.

I’ve read high FC points to IBD but is my level high enough?


Lady Organic

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Hi there and welcome,
I am sorry for your issues.
Blood in stools and a 332 FC number is high enough to order for a colonoscopy. I already had numbers lower than that when my IBD was active.
What test did you take already?

Thanks for the reply.

The only test I’ve had so far is an ultrasound of my abdomen, looking at liver, gallbladder etc as that was where I was experiencing some pain. That was all clear.

Currently waiting on an appt with a gastro specialist in 10 days, but no colonoscopy scheduled at the moment.

I’m obviously no expert, but my FC seems too high to be anything other than IBD, even without a lot of the key symptoms, doesn’t it?!

Lady Organic

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Fecal calprotectine is not a diagnosis tool and a elevated number doesnt sign a IBD diagnosis. It does indicate the presence of inflammation in the GI track. A colonoscopy is the tool to verify what going on once a patient has that kind of FC result along with the clinical symptoms you experience (especially blood in stools). You have 2 good indications here for a colonoscopy screening.
Considering you also have upper GI issues, a upper endoscopy could be useful too if you never had one.
Im glad you will see a GI very soon. Hopefully you will meet a proactive doctor this time.
Let us know how it goes at that appointment:)
Hello, I'm not a doctor but have been through the mill in terms of digestive issues. Blood in the loo can be due to haemorrhoids which can be internal, external or both. A common condition managed by haemmoroid creams or surgery in severe cases. Colon pain is usually on the left side and low down where inflammation can occur according to my GP. When I have diarrhoea, discomfort and bloating, I'm advised to eat a plain diet for a couple of weeks to ease my symptoms. White rice, toast, no fat, plain yogurt, camomile tea. Hospital food which is very boring. I hope that helps.

Lady Organic

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Colon pain is usually on the left side and low down where inflammation can occur according to my GP.
Hi and welcome to the forum:)
Inflammation and pain can occur in any parts of the colon in IBD. Left, transverse or right or all these parts of the colon can be diseased. The colon is a 5 foot long organ. A classic case of debuting or left sided ulcerative colitis can generate pain in the lower left cadran of the abdomen, as UC starts at the rectum and moves its way up. In the case of more extensive colitis or pancolitis or Crohn's disease, the pain and inflammation can be located in different parts of the colon.
Thanks for the information. I've had a fistula repaired by a colorectal surgeon some years ago as I was told it was the only way or I could become doubly incontinent at some time in the future. Crohn's Disease was never mentioned. I was advised to eat a high fibre for life but I still have episodes of bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and dull pain in my colon at night. I sweat excessively and have no energy. Should I ask my GP to carry out tests and if so which ones ?

Lady Organic

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Could your sweating be fever? if you dont have a thermometer, you can get one at the pharmacy and mesure your temperature easily and report a diary to your GP in case of irregularities. Make sure you measure temperature at least 20-30 min after putting anything in your mouth, even water.

1- A complete blood work including: Sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein (CRP) and platelet count can be indicators of inflammation in the body. Platelet count is less known as an inflammatory marker, but a high number can indicate inflammation.

2- A Fecal calprotectine test is a simple stool test done at home. It is a great new test since a few years that helps to know if there is inflammation in the colon. This test is now common practice in GI field.

These are tests you could ask to your GP. Keep in mind that a clean blood test should not exclude a FC test. A blood test can come out clean even in IBD patients, especially if the disease is at a mild activity.
This is the typical screening first simple steps that can help orient doctor towards a IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) situation vs a potential IBD-Inflammatory bowel disease situation, in case of colonic clinical symptoms as you experience (bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and dull pain in the colon). IBS is way more frequent in the general population, but since you once had a perianal fistula, I think it could be a good thing to check for inflammatory markers, from time to time.
Thank you for your reply. I will speak to my GP. At the moment, I have no temperature but a furry tongue so lempsips
( paracetamol in a blackcurrant drink ) and a hot water bottle are my home remedies. I am finding it hard to know what to eat. How much white rice can I consume ? Also, I don't open my bowels every day now that I have stopped drinking caffeine.
Thanks for the article. I have acid reflux so along with medication daily for the next few weeks, I've decided to eat "soothing foods".
Peeled potatoes, fresh steamed veggies like carrots, white fish fillets, plain and fruit yoghurts, rice krispie bars for snacks. I'm still overweight but hoping the pounds will disappear over the next year. I've been a long term cappuccino drinker, burger and fries, coke and chocolate my favourites when I was young and fit. I'm now paying the price.
My gullet may be damaged due to excess acid but I don't talk about my dietary woes.
Gullet sounds like a seagull anyway like those taking refuge along the Thames region when it's freezing.