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Hello. I’m a mom of a 16 year old male whose been having stomach issues off n on for months n only since end of January it’s been constant!
at first I thought in December it was stress induced because of his demand at school so I put him on Zoloft n these symptoms just got more n more.
so end of Jan he started complaining of belly pains around midsection around belly button and it would run across back n forth along this area n the pains was bearable up til first of February. Then he stopped eating all together despite what I put in front. I took himevery day to his pediatrician n they tested him for everything n it all was negative! So the Sunday of February early I took him to the children’s hospital in another city because I was very concerned about the drastic weight loss in few days! They ran the same tests on him bacterial. Viral, any infections testable n did stool tests ct scans. Ultrasound. Xrays, despite this he was vomiting and had diarrhea to boot. They admitted him for iv fluids n contacted the children’s gastro dr on call. The dr sad he believes he’s suffering with IBS severely and opt to do scoping upper n lower! Well my son caught the flu while in hospital n this was delayed til March 2 to give his belly n body time to heal from flu issues! So while in hospital they psych dr tried to determine my son was anorexic! Because all the tests they had ran was all negative so they assumed now he’s this!!! I hit the fan n they started giving him what they wanted him to eat despite he didn’t like the hospital food to begin with! I had brought food in n he ate for me he isn’t liking their foods! So they started out taking his phone, monitors him while eating n then he can’t get up to go bathroom despite belly pains he was having he had to sit two hours n hold it!!! I demanded second opinion n I called an attorney n signed him out brought him home! I’m needing help maybe someone may have gone through this too before really being able to find a diagnosis! He was on Pepcid two months prior n it did not help! He has done tums no help! The hospital put him on Prilosec, bentyl, zofran n as of today his pains are still there n in the 8-10 levels! I’m lost n idk how to help him! Any suggestions please tell me! I’m tired, very concerned n desperate