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Condition getting worse and doc wants Remicade.

Have been to my doc yesterday,
and i was told to consume only Alitraq, wich is terrible,
Flagyl was added to Pred and Imuran.

If that sort of healing wont help and if i dont get to ER till next monday,
i will probably be put on Remicade.

Now the other option is a surgery.

What in your opinion is better to go for??

:depressed: hard hard :hallo2:

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Hard question, what type of surgery would you be looking at and how long have you had Crohns and how bad is your diseased area? Remicade could work but I was allergic so I am not the best one to ask but I have had 2 surgeries, one was great out pain for many years and the second one, never got any relief. One good point I should mention never have surgery if you are infected, I did on my second huge mistake, but I have learned so much since I have been on the forum. Good luck with your decision.
Personally, surgery would be my last option almost probably every time. I was on Remicade for about a year and a half, and I was in remission for a good part of that time until it lost it's effectiveness. Yeah, the infusions are annoying (kills half of your day, maybe all of it) but it was completely worth it while it was working. I didn't get any side effects from it.

You may want to ask your doc about Humira and Cimzia. The three of them are similar drugs. I went on Humira after Remicade and got about a year out of it before it stopped working. After that, I went on Cimzia. Wasn't as effective as the other two, but everyone is different so it might be worth trying.
as far as it goes I would choose Remicade if insurance will pay for it. I am in the same situation that you are. I spoke to my GI today and he said that I can now start whenever I want. He is also recommending that I start and I feel the same way. If Remicade doesnt work then he has discussed surgery as the next course of action. I myself would always choose Remicade over surgery but that is me. Whichever you do choose I hope it brings remission.
I will prob go for remicade,
but as much as i know a good surgery can help for much longer time than remicade... thats why i wonder.
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Finding out that having surgery once would increase your chances of needing it again, that basically solidified it as a last resort. I know where you're coming from, though. Remicade is definitely worth a shot. You can always hope a new, better medication hits the market in the mean time.