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Confirmed Surgery

Just got back from the surgeon....I'm on the waiting list for Surgery.
I had a colonoscopy last week, so she could confirm what is going on in there...the result is: I need to have about 20 cm of my Terminal Ileum removed AND my Appendix AND my Cecum..Then she takes the small intestine and attaches it to the my Colon. I have had Abscesses and still have small ones that are not causing me any problems right now...but they are still there..and I have a stricture in my Terminal Ileum. It is so strictured she couldn't get the scope in it during the colonoscopy, so she is assuming that it will be about 20 cm. she has to remove, might be more. She also said it looks good that I WON'T need a temporary stoma unless there is leakage and with my situation there is a 10% change that could happen. So now it is hurry up and wait....Here in Canada we have long wait times for surgery, unfortunatly, but I know I will be in excellent care when I do get in. I am having symptoms so I hope I make it six months without going to the Emergency Room, things have been rough the last six months. The surgeon told me, that because I am experiencing symptoms, ideally, I should be having surgery now, but she can only do what she can do. They don't want to put me back on steriods, as that is bad for surgery. SO i will just try and take it easy and stay calm and watch my diet. I'm looking foward to putting this behind me...(so to speak).
Hi Susan - I'm sorry to hear you have to wait another six months before being able to go in for surgery. I remember how much relief I felt when my surgery was finally booked. I guess the only thing I can really offer for advise, is that if you are having issues try to stay with mainly liquids. I basically lived on liquids (or mainly liquid like noodle soup) earlier this year as everything I ate put me in horrible pain and often made me vomit because the strictures were so bad. I did loose a bunch of weight, but at least I wasn't in any pain and it kept me out of the ER. Hope you are able to stay out of the ER and everything goes well when the surgery does happen. Keep us posted!