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Confused about blood test results

So today I got my results back from my blood test a few weeks ago. When I got this blood test, it was two days before my Remicade infusion. My doctor and I were suspecting that my levels of Remicade were starting to get low around week 6 since that is when some of my symptoms start to reappear (I discussed some of this in a post from a few days ago). I have noticed this pattern for the last three infusions. Currently, I am on the 8 week cycle of the standard dosage of Remicade. I am just confused since my symptoms reappear around week 6 but my levels are adequate and I have no antibodies. My doctor did decide to discontinue 6mp back in February, but I don't think that has necessarily been the issue. Any thoughts?

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What were your levels ?
Adequate may not be enough
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On levels
There are some studies where lower levels while in what was thought to be the normal range in the past were just not enough


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Echoing MLP here. The literature says 4-7 is adequate for Remicade levels, however, many GI's are saying that a good number of patients need higher levels to respond and they aim for at least 8-10. You may be one of those patients.
My doctor didn't specifically give me a number for my levels of Remicade just only that my levels were adequate. I did however receive another phone call from him this morning saying that they didn't get the other results such as my inflammatory markers and CRP levels. Go figure. :ybatty: