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Confused about Crohn's and need some advice!

Hey all,

I'll try and keep this as short as poss. Hope this isn't to much info! So about 3 months ago I noticed I started going to the loo far to much sometimes 10 times a day. But I thought nothing of it for a while till it got really bad and started having abdo pain and random bouts of sickness always in a morning and omg I am so tired all the time like ridiculous not just a bit.

So I went to the doctors who suggested the possibility of IBS or IBD and said they'd run some tests had a ton of bloods took I cant even remember them. However my liver function was "off" apparently not dramatically so they were not overally concernd then the sample came back and he said I had got high colopectin was high but again not insane but he said we were looking more down the IBD route. So they have refferd me to the gastro lot.

Since then things have been very up and down... but for the past week or so Ive hardly been able to keep awake... Im more tired than ever the abdominal pain is back its like a dull ache that sometimes goes sharp and occasionly feel like i struggle to stand up and i also have joint pain. Its really getting to me I rang the refferal place and they said my appoitment could be anything up to 3 months :O I dont want to sound pathetic but I can't keep going like this for that long.. I'm 19 and have my driving lessons and test coming up I ride horses and have a puppy and I'm struggling to do anything with the horses.

I was tempted to go back to the GP tomorrow just to see if there was anything they could do to tie me other till my appointment but didnt no if to go or not... Just some advice or someone to chat to would be brill 19 and feel 90 x

I hope you can make some sense of this please exuse my spelling... (thats why I failed my English GCSE ;) xx :ylol2:
Hi there!

Sorry to hear you're suffering. I'm in the same boat at the moment with waiting so long for hospital appointments [emoji24]I've waited 3 months for a so called 'urgent' follow up (thankfully it's tomorrow!)

I also have a horse and really struggled whilst getting diagnosed. Mine was on part livery at the time, and a very good friend on the same yard mucked out for me most days bless her. Are either of these things an option for you?

The tiredness/body aching is the worst thing if you ask me, people just don't understand how debilitating it is, and that a good night's sleep will do nothing! It's one of the frustrating symptoms people think they can relate to, but actually have no idea.

I liken it to when you've had the flu for a week - yes you can get out of bed and do things (just) but only a quarter of what you usually could and even that is like wading through treacle! On bad days, like wading through treacle, after the flu, with anchors strapped to your legs lol.

I would definitely go back to your GP and see if they can speed things up a little. Mine had to do this a few times, they can send urgent faxes, letters and just generally annoy the gastro department enough to squeeze you in somewhere!

Let us know how you get on :)
I think you should change either hospital/doctor or country... I live in south Europe now, and whenever I need an urgent appointment they'll receive me in 1 day or maximum 1 week... you should find an IBD center where they have a lot a patients with IBD and know our issues.
Call and ssk if they have any cancellations if they have any cancellations if they can fit you in sooner. Ask them to check your blood work to see if you might be anemic.